Covenant’s International Office and Linkages attracts a 276,000-dollar grant

Covenant’s International Office and Linkages attracts a 276,000-dollar grant


Covenant has signed the offer to be one of the two (2) Universities in Africa that will partner with the Africa America Institute (AAI) to issue ten (10) full scholarships to prospective Covenant University students. The Ashesi University, Ghana, is the other AAI partner in Africa.

The award to each of the ten beneficiaries is an all-expense paid education for four a year degree program. The other critical part of the term is that three of the ten recipients will be international students from other African countries.

The granting institution is the Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship Fund (“JOFLSF”). The JOFLSF provided the AAI with a gift of Two Million-Dollars(USD) to finance four-year degree programs for high-achieving African students to attend world-class educational institutions around the globe. From this 2-million-dollar pool, Covenant will receive 276,000 dollars for ten students.

It also suffices to highlight that the AAI is a 64-year-old leading American international organization. The AAI is dedicated to strengthening the human capacity of Africans and promoting the continent’s development through higher education, skills training, convening activities, program implementation, and management while improving an informed dialogue between the US and Africa.

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