Creating a winning advert for different Media Platforms

Creating a winning advert for different Media Platforms


In order to equip Mass communication students of Covenant University with practical knowledge of the advertising industry and to enhance their employment prospect, the Department recently hosted a Town and Gown Seminar, where students were educated on the processes involved in creating a winning advertisement in the media world.

The Chief Executive Officer, Adrenalin Nigeria, Ms. Akpo Gordon, in her presentation, “Copy Platform, Advertising Production Process for Press and Webcast (Broadcasting and Internet) and Outdoor”, defined copywriting as a component of advertising that is an arm of marketing communications. In her words, “Copywriting is communicating the best possible information (about a product, service or idea) in the best possible way”.

She added that getting the right answer to certain questions is relevant to unlocking a great copy. “What do you want to say, what is the message you want to convey, who are your competitors and your target audience, are necessary questions one must answer to create a winning advert for any media format,” she said.

She further stated that, “Copywriting is not art for art’s sake. Copywriting must be factual and always from the advertiser’s perspective. It states the advertiser’s case and showcases his brand’s best side”.

Further enlightening the students, she said, winning adverts are simple ideas that have relevance, originality and impact. It must also be memorable, campaignable, unstoppable and stand the test of time.

She stressed the tips to generate ideas for a winning advert. In her words, “Immersion is the first step that involves gathering of raw materials- information about the brand. The next stage is digestion, where one ruminate over information gathered. Thirdly, is incubation, where you let the idea slip into your subconsciousness, by deliberately removing it from your conscious mind. Then illumination, where the idea rises to the surface of your mind and lastly after the initial euphoria, you go back to the idea and see if it is as good as you thought originally. This is the stage where you evaluate your idea and thoroughly scrutinize it.”

She also explained that advertising campaigns grow brand equity and build brand preference that serves as a compass or road map, showing where to go and how to get there.

“Effective campaign planning is using the minimum effort to achieve the maximum impact. To develop a good campaign plan, you must have clear objectives, a clear message, a clear understanding of your target audience and where to reach them, a schedule and a budget.

“Campaign planning answers the question of how best do I get to my end goal? For this reason, the first and most important phase in campaign planning is defining what the objective is,” she added.

The Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr Dokun Omojola, in his remarks, stated that the seminar was to enlighten the students about the new developments in the media industry, in line with Covenant University’s commitment to raising future leaders that will make an impression in the industry after graduation.