Distinguished Professors Adeyemi and Ojo Honoured as they Exit Covenant University

Distinguished Professors Adeyemi and Ojo Honoured as they Exit Covenant University

Distinguished Professors Adeyemi and Ojo Honoured as they Exit Covenant University

Chancellor, Mandate Secretary, LFCWW, Members of CU Management with the two Distinguished Professors

There were showers of encomium and celebration in a send forth ceremony on Saturday, August 8, 2015, when the Chancellor and the Management of Covenant University celebrated the contributions of two distinguished professors Ekundayo Adeyemi and Joshua Ojo.

The Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo, expressed his admiration for the professors’ character and dedication to their assignments, referring to them as ‘men of honour.’ He added that the professors had left an indelible impression in his heart and that Covenant University would remain a home for them for life.

The Chancellor also charged them from Exodus 31 verse 16-17 to take rest. “The most effective way to maintain health and vitality is to take rest when one is due for it,” he added before praying peace and longevity for both men.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, celebrated the professors’ deep sense of commitment and responsibility to the system. He added that they were always at their duty post making valuable contributions at all time. He also commended their quality of life and investment in their children. He further acknowledged the hand of God upon their lives.

The Vice-Chancellor recognised the mentorship provided by the professors, noting that they would be sorely missed by colleagues and students alike. He encouraged other faculty and staff present at the event to endeavour to leave a lasting legacy just as the two professors had done, when their time at Covenant University comes to a close.

Some of their protégées were also on hand to testify to the professors’ virtues and contributions, particularly as they had imparted their individual lives. They were the first Professor of Architecture in Covenant University, Professor Albert Adeboye and the current Head of Department of Architecture, Dr. Eziyi Ibem, both mentored by Distinguished Professor Adeyemi. Also present was Dr. Adetiloye, mentored by Professor Ojo.

The immediate past Registrar, Dr Olumuyiwa Oludayo, earlier stated that the reason for the occasion was to celebrate the two great academics, and to learn lessons from their achievements. He encouraged everyone to reflect on their quality of contributions and emulate them.

In his response, Distinguished Professor Joshua Ojo, said he looked back and thanked God for ordering his steps to Covenant University. The foremost professor of Banking and Finance noted that he did not come to the University to earn salary but to partner in doing God’s business. He added that he was joyful, but would miss the Chancellor’s spiritual messages, which he referred to as ‘bread of life.’

On his part, Distinguished Professor Ekundayo Adeyemi noted that he chose to come to Covenant University against an offer to set up a School of Environmental Studies in Sierra Leone. He stated that he had not regretted his decision 10 years ago. He expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor for welcoming him with open arms. He also appreciated the Management and everyone for making the University a home for him.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye, presented gifts to the two academic colossi, on behalf of the management, faculty, staff and students, as she prayed for God’s guidance upon them and their families.

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