Expert Gives Tips for Success in Film Making Business

Expert Gives Tips for Success in Film Making Business

Expert Gives Tips for Success in Film Making Business

Head, Department of Mass Communication, Dr Olusola Oyero, presenting some Covenant souvenirs to Mrs Toyin Poju-Oyemade, after her presentation

Budding media practitioners have been challenged to tell the stories of Nigeria, Africa and their indigenous cultures to impact the world positively, as the capacity and wherewithal to do this was key to revolutionising the nation.

Delivering a lecture titled ‘Stories, Skills and Stress: Understanding the Business Dynamics of Documentary Film Making’ at a Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Covenant, on Wednesday, September 19, 2018, the Guest Speaker and Content Producer of StoryTeller Media Nigeria, Mrs. Toyin Poju-Oyemade, posited that the real knowledge of the media space started after school, and success in the business of media production would only come as one continued to form collaborations and partnerships.

She noted that academic education, in itself, would not automatically transform to success, but “the conscious skills and capacity development initiatives that one subscribes to will catapult one to the place of greatness”.

Mrs. Poju-Oyemade stated that due to the wide media environment, upcoming media practitioners may end up in a subset of the media space in their sojourn in media practice. However, such opportunity should be embraced with open arms and turned it to a platform upon which one’s success story would be built. According to her, “Life, most times, will not give you what you want but be ready to make the most of the position life thrusts on you. Passion must of a necessity be your companion”.

Mrs. Poju-Oyemade, who started as a Floor Manager with the talk-show programme Moments with Mo, said passion was not enough, but knowledge in the business of media production was essential because knowledge was a gamut of the learning process which began after school. She posited that any individual desirous of making a mark in the world of filmmaking must make the worldwide web a companion, through ardent research and study.

The Guest Speaker reiterated the importance of partnerships and collaborations for speedy execution of projects. “Don’t work or walk alone; seek relevant partnerships and collaborations. Work at co-production of assignment; this way you will arrive at your destination fast,” she enthused.

Furthermore, she stated that aiming at making impact that would provoke social change, committing oneself to hard work with discipline and sacrifice, and commitment to excellence at all times would go a long way to push one closer to attaining his/her dreams and to be admired by all.

Mrs. Poju-Oyemade, who started her broadcast career with the University of Lagos radio station, Unilag FM, during her undergraduate days, said while it was important for production experts to carve a niche for themselves, they should not allow the society to “box them in” by being labeled with a particular area of specialisation. In addition, she told the audience to be creative and think from the business perspective in the documentary and film making world. “There is a huge deposit of wealth to go around for those who have honed their skills to the point of linking their creative skills with business acumen,” she said.

The Town and Gown seminar was the first in the Department of Mass Communication in the 2018/2019 Academic Session of Covenant.