Expert educates Building Tech. Students on Remedies to Procurement Challenges

Expert educates Building Tech. Students on Remedies to Procurement Challenges

Expert educates Building Tech. Students on Remedies to Procurement Challenges

Mr Toyin Diya, Managing Director, Filuto Construction Consult Ltd, Lagos, making a presentation at the Department of Building Technology Town and Gown Seminar

A successful builder and expert in procurement, Mr. Toyin Diya, has asserted that to sustain remedies to challenges plaguing the Nigerian procurement system, organizations must ensure that due process (from planning, evaluation, implementation, execution and project delivery) is followed and bids evaluated in line with quality of workmanship, reasonable cost and reasonable time, to avoid poor quality job for lower cost.

Mr. Diya, who is also the Managing Director, Filuto Construction Consult Ltd, Lagos, made this assertion at a recent Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Building Technology, Covenant University, where he was the Guest Speaker on the topic ‘Challenges of Nigerian Procurement System: Sustainable Remedies’.

While describing procurement as a veritable tool for good service delivery at reasonable cost for various organizations, Mr. Diya, an entrepreneur, said that procurement was a term used to denote the function of and the responsibility for acquiring materials, supplies, and services. He pointed out that the word ‘purchasing’ was also used as a synonym for procurement.

According to him, effective procurement process was about excellence and flawless delivery of customer value proposition, with a sound procurement process characterized by efficient procurement practices hinged on five principles namely, economy, efficiency, fairness, transparency, accountability and ethical standards.

“In general terms, the procurement function is responsible for determining the organization’s requirements, selecting an optimal source of supply, ensuring a fair and reasonable price (for both the purchasing organization and the supplier), and establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the most desirable suppliers,” he explained.

The Guest Speaker stated that there was a myriad of challenges to the Nigerian procurement system, which included: cheapest initial capital price syndrome; preferential treatment of certain bidders; conflict of interest by officials in the procurement units; execution of procurement by staff who lacked relevant training; delay in the procurement process; and inaccurate data amongst others.

Amongst other remedies, Mr. Diya advocated regular training and updates on new procurement, encouragement of techniques and mechanism to ensure personnel were kept on long-term basis, transparency in dealings, and information should be passed to the suppliers on a clear and unambiguous manner, regardless of how big or small a supplier was.

The Guest Speaker emphasized that, there should also be high level of trust from the procurement professionals towards their key suppliers, adding that the right show of confidence would aid their problem solving methods and yield positive improvements.

The Head, Department of Building Technology, Professor Olabosipo Fagbenle, commended the Town and Gown Coordinator for the Department for his efforts and thanked members of the department for their contributions towards the success of the event. He appreciated the Guest Speaker for taking out time to honour the invitation to speak and encouraged the students to maximise the opportunity.