International Student Relishes Internship at Covenant University

International Student Relishes Internship at Covenant University

International Student Relishes Internship at Covenant University

Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero in a discussion with Sean Rajman Miles

A postgraduate student from Leiden University, Sean Miles Rajman, who was at Covenant University for his internship in pursuit of a Master of Arts degree programme in African Studies, has commended Covenant University for the great milestones she has recorded in a short space of time.

An alumnus of the Virginia Military Institute, USA and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Mr. Rajman said that for a country like Nigeria to have a place like Covenant University established and bring it to its current level in a decade and a half is very commendable and miraculous.

The Swiss-American stated that his goals for the trip to Covenant University were two-fold, one of which was the completion of research for his Masters thesis. He added that he gained significant data on what he was trying to study. The other goal, he said, was to learn about Nigeria first hand.

“I had been studying Nigeria for over a year now and so it was high time for a visit. I also had opportunity to travel around the country. I went as far North as Kaduna and as far East as Calabar. I would say I have seen a fair amount of the country, enough to gain a grounding experience of what I have learned, and I also made a lot of friends,” he enthused.

On his assessment of Covenant as a University, Mr. Rajman said that Covenant is providing services to Nigeria and Nigerian communities are in dire need of these services. He stated that he’s been privileged to visit other Universities in the country, where things like strikes, cultism, under-funding, and mismanagement are prevalent.

He noted that the kids who come to Covenant are very young. “Where I come from, we start at 17, 18, 19, but here, many students get in at 16. The students here have an amazing can-do attitude and I think that’s magnificent; they also have an entrepreneurial spirit. I noticed that most of the students already have businesses they run even as students and are committed to excellence in achieving their goals. That is impressive!”

According to him, another very admirable factor is the goal-setting attitude of the University especially with the current administration, which he said has a strong drive for excellence.