Mathematicians Advised to Build Capacity

Mathematicians Advised to Build Capacity


Mathematics Students have been advised to develop their skills in order to stand out among their peers and increase their employability status.

The advice was given by the Administrative Manager, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Limited, Mr. Gbenga Ajibua on Wednesday, while speaking on the “Relevance of Mathematics in Oil and Gas Industry” at the Town and Gown interaction organized by the Department of Mathematics, Covenant University.

He explained the relevance of Mathematics to every sector of the economy, particularly the Oil and Gas, noting that, “The Oil industry is the largest single user of mathematical programming. As oil becomes more difficult to find and more expensive to extract, Mathematical algorithms and simulations play an even more important role in the business”.

According to him, Mathematics is used to estimate the volumes of oil and gas in reservoirs, to optimize performance of wells and pumps that get the oil and gas to the surface, to improve the quality of the fossil fuel projects, also minimize vessel transportation and final delivery cost.

“With Physics, Geology and Mathematics, the Oil industry can function. However, Mathematics is key among others. If others are right but Maths is not right, all will run into stormy waters”, he explained.

Mr. Ajibua enjoined the students to start early to get additional qualifications as there are so many fields of knowledge to delve into in Mathematics. He added that the difference between the skills acquired by an applicant and the skills required for the job is referred to as the skills-gap. These, according to him, are concerns for Human Resource Managers and business owners looking to hire employees that are competent and have employable skills.

He itemized the career path for a Mathematician in the Oil and Gas Industry to include Geophysics; Reservoir Engineering; Drilling Engineering; Wells, Reservoir and facilities management; Information Technology; and Finance, among others.

He advised that, “You can be who you want to be in the Oil and Gas industry. Everything in life is centered on Mathematics including the Oil and Gas Industry. As a Mathematician, you do not have limitation except yourself”, he charged.

In attendance at the interactive session were the Head of the Department, Professor Iyase, Dr. (Mrs.) Sheila Bishop, Dr. Alfred Owoloko, Dr. Timothy Anake, Dr. Michael Agarana, Professor Timothy Mosaku of Building Technology Department, and Dr. Benson Nsikak of Chemistry Department, among other staff and students of the Department.