Mother, Daughter Graduate Same Day in Covenant

Mother, Daughter Graduate Same Day in Covenant

Mother, Daughter Graduate Same Day in Covenant

Rev. (Mrs.) Maria-Stella Odafe (right) and her daughter Miss Sunshine Odafe at the 14th Convocation Ceremony of Covenant University.

Curtains had since been drawn on the 14th Convocation Ceremony of Covenant University, but the memories still linger. One of such was the unique spectacle of a mother and her daughter graduating the same day from the same University, but in different programmes.

The significant pair of Rev. (Mrs.) Maria-Stella Odafe and Miss Sunshine Odafe graduated with M.A in Counselling and B.Sc in Mass Communication from the Postgraduate and Undergraduate schools of Covenant, respectively.

A hugely excited Mrs. Odafe stated that, Covenant had given her the leverage to be an achiever because anywhere she sent her papers, they were always accepted. “That’s what I’ve gained from CU. I just finished from the Department of Psychology, while my daughter finished from the Department of Mass Communication,” she remarked.

Covenant, she added, had been an exciting place where one was given opportunity to discover his or herself; to discover the assets, abilities and qualities embedded in one.

Mrs. Odafe eulogised her Department, Psychology, stating that it was a science that studied the human mind and behaviour. She explained that the focus in her thesis was on the need to integrate the Psychology of self into entrepreneurial development studies.

According to her, “There are people who don’t really have the courage, they lack creativity; some of them are averse to risk, they can’t come out. So, that is the problem with some people. That is why you see two students who graduated together, one is out there doing things, being creative, seeing opportunities others are not seeing, because he has internal locus of control, he believes in himself, while others are out there still saying, ‘my uncle has refused to help me’, ‘Government is not giving us jobs’, ‘I don’t have money to start my business’, while others are out there doing things.”

Mrs. Odafe revealed she had been looking out at how psychologists should be involved in the training of entrepreneurs because some of them needed an understanding of their personality traits to be able to excel. According to her, some students had all the support, financial ability and everything to go into entrepreneurship but lacked the courage, the internal control, and they didn’t believe in themselves. “That is what I want to make sure that government takes care of, because government is talking about entrepreneurship and pumping money into entrepreneurial training but the psychological aspect of it has been neglected and that is what I am driving at,” Mrs. Odafe explained.

She appreciated God for keeping her and her daughter and seeing them through the years they both spent studying at Covenant. “We are having double celebration by God’s grace and I want children of God to praise God along with me for what God has done in our lives. My programme was for two years, while my daughter’s was for four years and none of us became ill, no challenge; my daughter did not have any disciplinary case. Covenant University is our family University and I’m praying for God to give me the financial ability and opportunity to do my PhD here.”

Her daughter, Sunshine, said that her stay in Covenant University had been really impactful in a number of ways, which included academic knowledge, spirituality, social life, and how to relate with other people. She added that while the Total Man Concept had greatly impacted her, the EDS (Entrepreneurial Development Studies) had made her realise that going out in the world, one didn’t have to rely on a white collar job, one could also start something on his or her own.

“The TTG (Towards a Total Graduate) course, which we finished before going home, showed me about the work life experience, how to relate with people in the work place, and how to treat life issues. Covenant University helped to prepare me for even the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps). Covenant University has prepared me for different scenarios in life,” she stated.