Norwegian Varsity Seeks Collaboration with Covenant

Norwegian Varsity Seeks Collaboration with Covenant

Norwegian Varsity Seeks Collaboration with Covenant

Professor Muyiwa Sam Adaramola

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norway, is considering the establishment of a collaboration with Covenant University, according to a faculty at the NMBU, Professor Muyiwa Sam Adaramola.

Professor Adaramola, whose research interest covers the area of environmental engineering focusing on Fluid Mechanics, Renewable Energy Technologies, Wind Energy, Wind Turbines, Solar Radiation, Turbulence, Solar Energy, Wind, Fluid Structure Interaction, and Wind Tunnel Testing is one of Covenant University’s International Visiting Scholars.

The scholar from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management of the NMBU made the disclosure on collaboration during his brief stay in Covenant, where he had the opportunity to give lectures and interact with the students in the classroom.

While speaking on his perceived area of strength of Covenant University, he stated that Covenant was lucky to have the staff and students promoting the image of the University. The students, he said, were good ambassadors of the University. He noted that Covenant students were curious and eager to learn, adding that the students asked very relevant questions which opened him up for greater insight into his area of expertise.

“When students are quiet, you don’t know whether they are learning or not and if they don’t ask questions, they limit you; the ones that ask questions make you prepare before going to class. Covenant University students are doing very well,” he opined.

As a first time visitor to Covenant, Professor Adaramola expressed his surprise at the magnificent structures and well planned layout of the University. He described the environment as quiet, free of environmental pollution, with lots of fresh air and good for education and study. He cited availability of state-of-the-art infrastructure as one of Covenant’s strengths, adding that the environment was beautiful, especially when compared to other schools around.

On Covenant’s vision to become one of the top 10 universities in the world, the scholar advised the University to give more attention to increasing the number of her Masters and PhD students and to encourage them to have more publications.

He also enjoined the University to continue collaborations with international partners, to keep supporting her faculty and staff as well as postgraduate students to attend conferences, and to continue to promote quality teaching in order to give the University good representation.