Professor Atayero tasks New Postgraduate Students on Vision 10:2022

Professor Atayero tasks New Postgraduate Students on Vision 10:2022

Professor Atayero tasks New Postgraduate Students on Vision 10:2022

Vice-Chancellor, Professor AAA. Atayero, making his presentation at the School of Postgraduate Studies' Orientation programme

The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant, Professor AAA. Atayero, has urged new students of the University’s School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) to strive to contribute their quota to the attainment of her vision to become one of the top 10 universities in the world in a few years’ time, otherwise known as Vision 10:2022.

Professor Atayero, who gave the advice at the recent SPS Orientation Programme held at the University Chapel, said that because of the measures earlier put in place, Covenant had entered the world ranking of universities in 2018 and now ranked in the top 500, with the University presently No.7 in the world in terms of Year-on-Year ranking.

While emphasizing the imperative of the postgraduate students contributing their quota, the Vice-Chancellor said that it was most important for them to be totally committed by focusing on their work, getting their degree and graduate from Covenant, and help themselves to help the institution.

He noted that, at Covenant, the University ensured that postgraduate students graduated on time unlike elsewhere, with the ratio in favour of Covenant compared with world-class universities like Yale. He stressed that Covenant was driving responsibility seriously among postgraduate students and as such, they have to be totally responsible and do things as commanded not as convenient. The University’s core values, he added, were very important.

In his speech, the Dean, SPS, Professor Humphrey Adebayo, stated that the students were at Covenant because they wanted to build on their education and advance in life. He advised them to be familiar with what obtained in the University, own them and run with them. The vision of the SPS, he noted, was to become a leading centre for postgraduate training in Africa.

Professor Adebayo stated that, for the first time in the 2019/2020 Session, the SPS would be running project defense for the Masters students, and it had welcomed international students from Kenya, Cameroun, Liberia, and Zambia, with all of them on various degrees of scholarships.

While addressing the students on the issue of ‘Adhering to Covenant University’s Core Values’, the Registrar, Dr. Oluwasegun Omidiora, said that core values were fundamental things that the University believed in and told people what the University was. “They are ideals and philosophy of life; everything we stand for as a university is packaged in our core values,” he explained.

The core values, he said, included Spirituality, Integrity, Possibility Mentality, Capacity Building. Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice. The Registrar stated that Spirituality was the compass of life, it was a non-negotiable Jesus factor center approach in Covenant University.

In his comments at the occasion, one of the new international students, Hinga Simon Karanja from Kenya - a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship - said that it was a privilege to be in Covenant. According to him, it was not his first time in Nigeria as he had previously been at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife.

“I thought I was coming to another OAU. However, the moment I got to Covenant I felt elated, I felt like I was in Europe. People are friendly, lecturers are wonderful; I’ve seen something very unique. No university in Kenya I can compare to Covenant,” explained Karanja, who is studying for a Masters Degree in Information and Communication Engineering at Covenant.

Also at the event were the Deans of the various Colleges in the University, Heads of Departments, faculty and staff.