Quality Academic Content Has Helped Buffer our Entrepreneurial Skills….CU Undergraduates

Quality Academic Content Has Helped Buffer our Entrepreneurial Skills….CU Undergraduates

Quality Academic Content Has Helped Buffer our Entrepreneurial Skills….CU Undergraduates

Regstrar, Covenant University, Mr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, making his remarks at the meeting

The essence of education has been revolutionized all over the world since the turn of the century, from being a place of imparting and acquiring knowledge through teaching and learning, to one targeted at training individuals outside of regular academic curriculum in a bid to help them tap into their innate capacities to deliver on their competencies.

Gradually, the work environment is moving from the era of flaunting of certificates or academic qualification to value adding competencies. The question a prospective applicant needs to answer is ‘what are you bringing on board?’

In packaging students for the world of work, Covenant University, from inception, introduced some unique programmes, which include Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS). No doubt, the skills acquired from various vocations under this programme have contributed to the upsurge of budding entrepreneurs in the University.

Since 2006, when Covenant University had its first convocation ceremony till date, the University has consistently produced graduates with strong enterprise skills, who have continuously proven and made their mark in the business arena, and this trend has become synonymous with products of the University.

From Kunle Jinadu of e-Commerce, to Tolu Akinpeloye of Nack Clothes and Nwaokolo Chukwuemeka who is into Charcoal exportation and winner of the Federal Government ‘YouWin’ business competition, Covenant University has not ceased to imbue in its students the entrepreneurial acumen to succeed in life.

A cursory look at the lives of some students of Covenant University showed depth and astute industrial image of what their tomorrow should look like, taking into account the skills they have developed from their period of study, stewardship and trainings at the University.

Ernest Olusanya is a student of Information and Communication Engineering in the College of Science and Technology, yet through commitment and hard work he has been able to develop competency in graphics design and video editing during the course of his study and service at Covenant University.

According to Mr. Olusanya, “with the skills I have acquired these few years and my passion for computers and such devices, I look forward to starting a multimedia firm, after learning the ropes in the industry, upon graduating from the University.” He stated that what he has noticed is that knowledge that can be practised is what is lacking in Nigeria, and here in Covenant University the focus has been more on building people to do what they are created to be able to do.

Another revelation of the impact a well-formed curriculum could have on the lives of students is the University’s Management making room for students to serve in the University’s Chaplaincy. Allen Oloruntobiloba, of the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE), serves with Olive Media, the technical crew of the University Chaplaincy, and in the last three years the young man has been able to create a blend in his primary course of study and new things he has learnt from his colleagues in the team.

Exuding confidence in his gifting and ability, Oloruntobiloba stated that over the years, he has developed a strong interest in graphics, software designing and coding, networking and sound engineering. According to him, “My primary course of study, EIE, has helped me to establish a strong affinity for the new capacities I have come to learn at Covenant University. Serving and interacting with contemporaries in the Olive Media has helped me to bolster my capacity for graphics design and sound engineering.”

He averred that down the line, after school, he looked forward to starting up a software development company, having been able to form a network with colleagues of like mind. According to him, “We are already working on a couple of projects that would help us individually and as a group to advance our future.

Similarly, Busola Elizabeth Kehinde, in her penultimate year in Department of Business Management said when she got admission into Covenant University, she made a vow that she would not just pass through the institution, but also allow the institution pass through her in a bid to making the most of her time in the institution.

Miss Kehinde said she came to the University just to ensure that she could use her academic pursuit to add value to her innate talents, and having honed her visual skills, she said she is ready to enter into the world of make-believe. According to her, “I have been active in convocation activities of CU, public lectures, inaugural lectures and other University functions, and I have been actively involved in planning my College and Departmental programmes, so I envisage going into event planning and management, publishing, editing and movie directing.”

One common denominator among all these students is the fact that they see the certificate they would earn as a buffer to the capacities they have successfully developed while in school. According to one of them, “If the University Management decides that there would not be certificates henceforth for all graduands of the University, I have gotten something that is beyond certificate that the world would not be able to take away from me.”