Quality of Thoughts Defines Real Leaders -Chancellor

Quality of Thoughts Defines Real Leaders -Chancellor

Quality of Thoughts Defines Real Leaders -Chancellor

Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo, speaking on Leadership Fundamentals: Uncovering the Missing Links

The depth of thought and commitment to thinking out solution to societal problem are essential hallmarks of real leaders, the Chancellor and Chairman Board of Regents of Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has said.

He made the submission during his presentation on the topic, ‘Leadership Development: Identifying the Rungs on the Ladder’, at the 2016/2017 Executive Advance of Covenant University.

Real leaders, according to him, are thinkers, be it entrepreneur or political. “Anybody can become a leader if he gives it what it takes,” he said. “Only thinkers will make the most of knowledge. Until knowledge is translated into product, it has no value.”

Potentially, he averred, all human beings, irrespective of race or colour, are endowed with leadership seed that can be cultivated but the difference is the quality of engagement.

“We share same capacity of brain, but we have varying levels of performances,” said Dr. Oyedepo. “Today, we have a lot of educated folks but few thinkers. The whole essence of university education is to think solution; commitment to thinking through the way out.

“We do specialised programmes to empower the thinking capacity of our students. It’s time for us in this side of the world to start thinking the unthinkable in a bid to proffer solution to our different bugging problems.”

Leadership, said the Chancellor, is a product of efficient management of self, task, time and resource.

He explained: “Self-management entails setting order over one’s life, dogged pursuit of ambitions, setting goals and driving them, making quality decision and standing by it. Efficient self-management determines one’s ultimate accomplishment.

“Time management is key to exploits and strange accomplishments. To emerge an academic leader, you must be a thinker. We live in a world of unlimited possibilities but unfortunately, we have more complainers than thinkers, more spectators than actors.”

While asserting that only those who stay focused on their tasks end up as front liners, he urged people to invest quality time in task management. And on the issue of resource management, Dr. Oyedepo noted that good management of resources is the key to development and enlargement.

“Poor resource management, in most cases, is responsible for our problem as individuals, government, business organisations and even churches. We must get down to efficient management of our resources before we can get out of our predicament,” he said.

While enjoining management, faculty, staff and students to think through anything that is of interest to them, the Chancellor believes the new academic session “will be the greatest one for the university and for them as individuals”.