Smooth Take-off as Covenant University Begins Alpha Semester Examination

Smooth Take-off as Covenant University Begins Alpha Semester Examination

Smooth Take-off as Covenant University Begins Alpha Semester Examination

A cross section of CU students writing their alpha semester examination

The pre-examination meetings of the various College Examination Officers of Covenant University have paid off, with a smooth take-off of the 2016/2017 Alpha Semester examination of the university. A visit to colleges’ exam office showed that the various mechanisms put in place to ensure a seamless examination environment was actually producing the desired result.

According to the Chairman, Examination and Timetable Committee of the university, Dr. Justine Daramola, the commendable start was as a result of commitment and dedication of everyone with one role or the other to play in the execution of the overall objectives of an effective semester examination.

Dr. Daramola said the monitoring team was always visiting examination venues to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct guiding the University’s examination processes, and ensure continuous adherence till the very last paper.

The Examination Officer, College of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Ajibade Jegede, said that the conduct of the Alpha Semester examination had been satisfactory, especially with promptness of invigilators to exams venues and students compliance with the laid down rules governing the conduct of the examination.

Dr. Jegede commended the university’s management for the proper spread of exams across levels, all in a bid to help students with carry over courses prepare adequately for their papers.

He averred that his college had made adequate preparation to dissuade students from contemplating examination misconduct, and as such the college was anticipating a zero case of malpractices.

At the College of Leadership and Development Studies, the Examination Officer, Dr. Segun Joshua, said that the compliance level was commendable from the perspectives of students, and invigilators. He noted that the college team of exams monitors was always looking out for gaps in the system to be improved upon, and at the same time ensuring that guidelines were strictly adhered to, to forestall any form of malpractices.

Looking back, he said the pre-examination meetings were good platforms that helped address teething problems noted in previous examinations. Dr. Joshua posited that with the level of commitment and dedication displayed by all involved in the semester examinations, he was in no doubt that the overall outcome would be commendable.

The 2016/2017 Alpha Semester examination of the university runs from Monday, November 14 to Friday, December 2, 2016.