Spirituality, Master Key to Exploits – Dr. Oyedepo

Spirituality, Master Key to Exploits – Dr. Oyedepo

Spirituality, Master Key to Exploits – Dr. Oyedepo

Chancellor, Dr. David Oyedepo making his presentation on the topic, “Master Key to a World of Exploits: The Spirituality Factor”

Spirituality, which among other things is said to be a delightsome pursuit of the heart of God as a lifestyle, has been identified as the master key to a world of exploits. The Chancellor, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo emphasised this in his paper titled, “Master Key to a World of Exploits: The Spirituality Factor,” delivered on the second day of the Executive Advance for 2016/2017 Academic Session.

“Spirituality,” according to the Chancellor, “is key to fulfillment of our glorious destiny in Christ. This is because the healthier our spirit, the closer our intimacy with God and the higher our level of command of the supernatural.”

Dr. Oyedepo also charged the audience made up of the University’s management, faculty and senior non-teaching staff to be more spiritual as supernatural intelligence dwells in the realm of the spirit. “Spirituality is indeed profitable unto all things both in the present time and in the great beyond (1Timothy 4: 8).

”All things here,” according to him, “include intellectual things (Daniel 1: 17/21); technological things (Hebrews 11: 7/ 2Chronicles 26: 14); scientific things (Genesis 43: 38-44/ Genesis 30: 37-43); economic things (Genesis 13: 2/ Genesis 26: 12-14) and political things (Daniel 6: 1-3/28)” among others.

He noted that more commitment to healthy spiritual nutrition, that is, constant study of the word of God (the Bible) and regular prayer life are the two major ways to building a robust spirit. “It takes spiritual maturity to take full delivery of our inheritance,” he added.

The Chancellor cited examples of some men of exploits in the Bible and spiritually-rooted intellectual giants which include Joseph, described by Pharaoh as “A man in whom the spirit of God is,” Daniel, who was preferred among presidents and Paul, who alone wrote two-thirds of the New Testament.

Others were Michael Faraday; R.G. Le Toureneau; Benjamin Franklin; James Clerk Maxwell; Lord Kelvin; Charles Babbage; Louis Pasteur; Isaac Newton; John Henry; Blaise Pascal; James Simpson; Carolus Linnacus; Williams Herschel; Francis Bacon; Samuel F. B. Morse and Johann Kepler among others.

“As the Lord lives, a new army of intellectual giants shall surely arise from the Covenant University platform that will take the world by storms,” he declared.