University Don Pushes for Grantmanship in CU

University Don Pushes for Grantmanship in CU

University Don Pushes for Grantmanship in CU

Guest Speaker at the seminar, Professor Victor W.A. Mbarika from Southern and ICT University, Baton Rouge, USA, making his presentation at the seminar

A visiting Professor of Covenant University, Professor Victor Mbarika, has called on university faculty members to develop the skills of ‘Grantmanship’ if they must be globally competitive. Professor Mbarika made this statement at a recent workshop on Grant-writing, hosted at the Centre for Learning Resources, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State.

According to Professor Mbarika, who is an Endowed Professor at Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, United States, grants are not loans, neither are they aids or hand-outs. Grants he said are very vital parts of a world class university rating criteria. Getting a grant, Mbarika who has won various research grants, said, is a very competitive endeavour, and it means that the receiving university had to present a better research methodology to qualify for the grant as against other universities. This means that a university that gets a grant is an academically competitive university.

Most significantly, Professor Mbarika, who is also the President, Board of Trustees of The ICT University in the United States, stressed that grant awards cannot be detached from the university ranking system. He emphasized that because of Covenant University’s vision of 1 of 10 in 10, the institution would need to put a lot of efforts into grant writing as it is required of all world class universities.

He emphasized that internal funding is not considered in the university rating criteria because rating is all about cerebral competition, and grants are very competitive. He insisted that most of Covenant University’s research funding must come from grants in other for it to count for her as an advantage in the world class rating system of universities.

Commenting on the non-borrowing culture of the University as a divine mandate, he said that Covenant University management and staff have to understand that grants are not loans in any form, but rather are consultancy projects that will showcase the faculty of the university internationally and move the institution closer to its goal of becoming one of ten top universities in the world in ten years.

In response to questions on the kind of impact he expects his workshop to have on participants, Professor Victor Mbarika said, “I would have failed if we do not receive some drafts of grant proposals from lecturers and departmental heads within the next couple of months.”

Going further, he stressed his willingness, as a scholar who has won a good number of research grants from different organizations and foundations all over the world, to welcome grant collaborations from any department or faculty in Covenant University that will come up with a research proposal for a grant application.

Professor Mbarika in conclusion, expressed his desire to see a directorate set up in Covenant University which would be fully dedicated to Grant Writing alone, to help drive the CU world class vision.

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