University Don Tasks Postgraduate Students on Employing Optimization in Research

University Don Tasks Postgraduate Students on Employing Optimization in Research

University Don Tasks Postgraduate Students on Employing Optimization in Research

The need to engage Optimization in research was the thrust of a presentation made to Postgraduate students of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of Covenant University, Ota. This much was made known by Dr. Aderemi Adewunmi of the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa during his recent visit to Covenant University.

According to him, the issue of Optimization cuts across all disciplines, it combines ideas for many fields and the practicality of it is applicable in almost all fields of human endeavour. “As long as there is a search for the best, wherever there is a search for a better way of doing things, one will always think of Optimization,” he stated.

The university don posited that this process in the quest for gaining better understanding of a situation focuses on issues from a concrete point of view in research as against the abstract dimension of it.

Nigeria, as a developing country, has various challenges that can be researched and studied by optimization researchers in order to obtain “optimal” solutions that will benefit both the government and the populace. Examples abound in the power sector, oil exploration, oil spillage detection and monitoring, security, and the economy, but to mention a few.

According to Dr. Adewunmi, “It is time the nation seeks and deploys ‘intelligent’ technology and tools that are driven by well-researched algorithms or techniques to handle some of the challenges facing the nation. Government therefore needs to strengthen collaborations with researchers, both at home and in the diaspora in order to achieve the desired progress and take the country to greater heights,” he asserted.

He challenged the Postgraduate students to write quality papers and this he said could only be achieved through personal development. The erudite scholar noted that the major problem encountered by most Postgraduate students, the world over, is that of not wanting to seek new knowledge paths.

Dr. Adewunmi highlighted the importance of time management as being paramount to the successful completion of a Postgraduate programme. According to him, when a habit is formed to invest a minimum of four hours daily to the project it would be done in no time.

Dr. Adewunmi who specializes in Optimization, Modelling and Heuristics solutions to real-world optimization problems said that the time has come for the world to have a feel of the products of Covenant University. This he said could be achieved through the timely and constant publishing of the research works and other papers emanating from the University.

The presentation attracted scholars in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Faculty and Students of the Postgraduate School in the department.