CU Hosts Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)

CU Hosts Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)

CU Hosts Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)

Vice-Chancellor, Other Members of Management with Members of APCON Accreditation team to CU

A team from the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) paid a visit to Covenant University (CU) on Thursday, April 10, 2015. The team was made up of Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, Dr. Mande Samaila and Mrs. Martha Onyebuchi.

While stating the purpose of their visit, Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu, the leader of the team said, “We are here to represent the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, which is the Federal Government Agency in charge of the regulation of advertising in Nigeria. The regulation of advertising includes registering people to practice advertising in Nigeria and that makes it an offence for anyone to practice advertising for gain, without being duly registered. This is of great benefit to students who want to run careers in advertising.

“Prior to this time, advertising was like a trade which did not have any prerequisites, but with APCON laws, it became mandatory for anyone who wants to practice a career in advertising to have at least, a Higher National Diploma (HND) level or a First Degree in educational qualification. That would be in any of these areas - Mass Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Graphic Arts.

“One of the roles of APCON is also to certify that all teachers of advertising in schools are qualified. We also facilitate the registration of practitioners who teach advertising. We consider the equipment of advertising studios in these institutions to ascertain that they are up to standard. We look at the facilities in the school, which includes the library. We interview the faculty and students to ascertain areas that might need improvement and for a complete perspective.”

In his response, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, stated, “Covenant University is committed to excellence and our vision is to become one of the top ten universities in the world by the year 2022. To aspire to be one of the top ten, means that issues pertaining to accreditation cannot be taken for granted. We do not take accreditation lightly and that is to further situate your being here today. “In other to be one of the best universities in Nigeria, and indeed, the world, issues of national importance, particularly accreditation at its local level, cannot be taken for granted. This also means that all the departments, colleges, faculty and staff must exhibit all the features and characteristics expected of an institution of that caliber.”

He further stated, “Then again, considering the kind of students we are producing, in a globalized economy like we have now, we are aspiring to produce graduates that would compete - not at the national level, but at the global level.

In his remarks, the Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo said, “The University is poised to be one of the ten best Universities in the world, by the year 2022. We trust that your interaction with us today would yield the benefits that are expected of an exercise of this nature.”

In his remarks later, during the wrap up session with the Management of the University, Dr. Josef Bel-Molokwu described the experience of his team in CU as, ‘outstanding, and worthy of emulation.’ He noted that after their inspection, they observed that there was a high level of orderliness and documentation in the CU system, as well as high level of confidence exhibited by the students.

He further explained, “Registration to practice is another area we pay attention to, and in our interaction with the students, we were able to identify that a percentage of them want to pursue careers in advertising. They are being encouraged by the department to start their career paths as Student Members of the Advertising Profession. The advantage they have over others is that immediately after their Youth Service, they just apply for full membership, their names being already in the list.”

Present at the meeting were the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Taiwo Abioye; Director, Financial Services, Pastor Deji Okubanjo; Director, Academic Planning Unit, Dr. Akan Williams; Deputy Dean, School of Social Sciences, Dr. Daniel Gberevbie; HOD, Mass Communication, Dr. Oladokun Omojola; Professor Idowu Sobowale and members of the Directorate of Media and Corporate Affairs.

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