Vision 10:2022

Vision 10-2022

Covenant University Strategic Plan - Vision 10:2022

Vision 10:2022 was conceived as an 8-point agenda 1 to 8 with 16 actionable goals. The Vision is aimed at getting the University listed among the top ten universities in the world within a ten year period (2012-2022)

Parameters and Action Plans of Vision 10:2022

01. Disciplined Atmosphere for Learning
a. Evolve a Covenant culture
  • Evolve a culture among staff and students that depicts high level of discipline and responsibility.
  • Demonstrate high-level Spirituality, Timeliness, Commitment and Productivity.
  • Ensure a responsive Administrative/Management structure for speedy turnaround of memos.
  • Ensure a disciplined and committed Student Support Programme (SSP) to drive our in loco parentis role.
b. Provide Infrastructural Facilities
  • Improve Internet Services
  • Improve Teaching Facilities
  • Improve Power/Water Supply
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