Discover your future with us

Studying with us means you will be based in a vibrant ultra-modern new generation campus. Our luscious lawns, beautifully planned gardens and architectural masterpiece buildings provide a unique, stimulating and empowering context for inspiring research and creative activities

Taking you beyond the classroom into the world of work

Our courses and facilities are designed to create knowledge and restore man's dignity through a Human Development concept of the Total Man, employing innovative, leading-edge teaching and learning methods. This will take you beyond the classroom into the real world of work and focus on developing the qualities and expertise that your future employer will look for. 

Where I come from, we start at 17, 18, 19, but here, many students get in at 16. The students here have an amazing can-do attitude and I think that’s magnificent; they also have an entrepreneurial spirit. I noticed that most of the students already have businesses they run even as students and are committed to excellence in achieving their goals. That is impressive!

Sean Miles Rajman - A student from Leiden University, Netherlands on Intership Programme at Covenant University (2018)
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