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Academic Training at Covenant Stands out Graduates – Engr. Eromhonsele

Covenant University students have been urged to maximize opportunities exposed to and pay attention to everything they learn. According to Engr. Osayi Michael Eromhonsele, the Guest Speaker at the second Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Civil Engineering, training at Covenant, had a way of setting her graduates apart in the society.

Engr. Eromhonsele, who delivered a lecture titled “Life after School: Challenges and Opportunities,” said that the best way to predict the future was to create it. “We must maximize every present opportunity to increase our chances of being successful in the future,” he asserted.

According to him, to be successful after school, one must maximize their time as an undergraduate, with a primary focus on excellent academic performance. He believed that maximizing the opportunity Covenant University offered the students was vital to the outstanding educational experience as students of the institution. “A good grade opens job opportunities and scholarship opportunities after school. However, as you gain more work experience, your grades become less important,” he added.

Engr. Eromhonsele, an alumnus of the Department, who graduated in 2013 with 1st Class, noted that in life, one would get to a place of making difficult and important decisions, and relying on one’s wisdom alone might not be enough to navigate the turbulent corporate and business world.

He highlighted the importance of networking and friendship in building and driving innovation. Engr Eromhonsele spoke on the relationship that evolved into Piggyvest, noting that the initiators, who are graduates of Covenant, had been friends and business partners since 200 level. Similarly, he reminisced about how he and his roommate held meetings in his room, which metamorphosed into business ideas and ventures. He opined that students should work at making and developing a friendship that would positively impact their lives.

Engr. Eromhonsele, who was the best graduating student of the Class of 2013, said with over 600,000 graduates produced yearly in Nigeria and 25 million graduates currently unemployed, uncertainty loomed on the horizon for an undergraduate. He, however, noted that every graduate had the power to predict the future, as employers looked for graduates with good soft skills (interpersonal, communication skills, leadership skills). “Engage in extracurricular activities that boost your profile and employability, improve interpersonal skills, leadership experience and personal development such as certifications, online courses,” he stated.

He advised participants at the seminar to keep developing their skills, networking through professional websites, always seeking opportunities to try out new challenges, start a business and contemplate relocating to other climes to broaden their horizons. Engr. Eromhonsele said entrepreneurship had become a vital aspect of existence in the current world economy. He said each student must be ready to learn from every available tested and proven source and stretch themselves before they could start advancing.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, the Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Professor Anthony Ede, urged the students to pay attention to the knowledge coming from a tested one in the industry. He said that the speaker was once like them in Covenant and had acquired many industry experiences that would inspire them with brighter hopes.

After the meeting, Professor Ede assured the students that they would be more convinced that they made the right choice in choosing Civil Engineering as a course of study at Covenant University.

The Town and Gown event also attracted participants from across the faculty and staff base of the Civil Engineering Department.


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