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Sociologist Enlightens Students on Right Approach to the World of Work

An Alumnus of Covenant University, Mr. Faith Abang   has posited that sociologists have a foundation to be able to function in any capacity in the real world.

He made this statement during his presentation at a recent Town and Gown of the Department of Sociology, where he was a Guest Speaker, with the theme, 'The Sociologist as a Media and Communications Expert in a Competitive Business Environment.'

While giving a general overview of the topic, Mr. Abang, who graduated from the Department of Sociology in 2019, is also the Chief Executive Officer, Bang Media, Abuja, pointed out the need for young people to have a vision of the kind of future they desire in their lives and career. He emphasized the need to be able to visualize one's aspirations in other for them to be actualized. 

He decried the current trend amongst youths to focus on get-rich-quick schemes and imitation of the fake lives they see on Social Media, which pushes them into all kinds of mischief; instead of activities that will improve their lives and give them leverage to achieve great things in future.

He encouraged them to start small and grow instead of allowing themselves to keep wasting time, waiting for big breaks. To buttress that, he gave the students an insight into how he dabbled into the media space and launched a media outfit while still in school. “I started up with the name 'Bang Media' while I was in school, but with the help from God and after I had grown in the field I was moved to change the name to, The Vision Media.”

Mr. Abang, highlighted three basic factors that got him to where he is today to include, visualizing, planning and executing. According to him, "Visualizing brings you to the point where you see yourself in the future and picture the life you will like to have. Planning comes in after you are done visualizing, and this is the point where you write out the step by step actions you must take to get to your expected end. It is very important to write down your plan, this will help put you in check

Finally, he said, "Execution of your plans is actualized after it has all been said and written down. This is the point where you must take action, this is what will separate you from the crowd," he added

Abang concluded his presentation with a quote which he said had always helped him, "Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow is too far away, today is the only day we have and we must make it count." 


Earlier in her remarks, the Head of Department Sociology, Dr. Tayo George, appreciated the Guest Speaker for honouring the invitation to speak at the event and thanked members of the department for helping to facilitate the success of the event. She expressed her excitement at the day's lecture, especially for having an Alumnus of the Department as the Guest Speaker.


Dr. George, advised the students to pay special attention to the lecture of the day as it would have many related perspectives that would help them navigate situations in future, especially as it has to do with their careers and businesses, should they opt for starting up their own outfits.


Also at the event were other Senior Faculty members of the Department.  


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