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CU Hosts Local Conference of Youth (LCOY), on Building Resilient Systems for a Climate-Smart Economy in Nigeria

In a bid to preserve and advocate for policy changes and actions aimed at mitigating climatic change in our environment, the Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Ogun, Covenant University, has hosted the Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) in a three-day program with the theme, ‘Building Resilient Systems for Climate Smart Economy in Nigeria.’

In his opening remarks, the Vice Chancellor, of Covenant University, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, reiterated the vision of the school, which is raising a new generation of leaders, and expressed his appreciation for the hosting right for LCOY, won by the University. He went on to state that in this era of climate change, great skills are a necessity for tackling the issues bothering on climate change and benefitting from the green economy.

He stressed that the aim of the program is to spark interest and build the foundation for green skills and development among youth, particularly, in the host community, where the University is situated. He charged participants to begin to think of using indigenous skills and content to solve challenges, as the program validates the university's commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially on climate change. He concluded by expressing hope that the robust engagement in the conference will provide proud fashionable homegrown strategies that will address issues on climate change.

In her remarks, the Chair RCE Ogun, Dr. Patience Tunji-Olayeni, noted that Climate change is not something to anticipate, rather, climate change is here. She further stated that the only way to manage climate change is to reduce its negative effect on life forms by learning how to adapt to it.

Delivering a welcome address at the conference, the Founder of ‘The Future Project Hub,’ Mr. Prince Adegbenro Falohun, expressed his gratitude to the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun Adebayo, for bringing youths together in Ado Ota Local Government, Ogun state, in a bid to solve issues of climate change in the environment. He highlighted some of the things youths can do to help, such as advocacy. He noted that the conference is an ignition to solving climate change. He stressed that networking is critical for guidance and action in order to acquire the desired results. He encouraged and challenged participants to put all the knowledge gained into action.

Speaking in the same vein, the Director, Ota Economic Summit Group, Mrs. Olajumoke Odeyemi, commended the youth for taking time out to attend the conference, adding that a lot of youths are out there doing things that add no value. She encouraged the youths to focus on all the training and presentations as knowledge that cannot be taken away from them is being imparted. She noted that the conference is another opportunity to have a better Nigeria.

While making his presentation on ‘Advocating for Climate Change,’ Mr. Lawrence Akpoterai, a member of the YOUNGO Adaptation Working Group, highlighted the climate crisis on temperature rise, extreme weather events, melting ice, rising sea levels, and the need to limit global warming. He stressed that the increasing nature of the climate crisis shows that there is a problem that needs to be limited.

He added that the need for climate change should involve efforts to raise awareness, influence public opinion, and drive policy changes and actions aimed at mitigating and adapting to climate change. In addition, educating informing, and mobilizing public support should be used to address the impending issues.

Dr. Temitope Abodunrin of the Department of Physics, Covenant University, in her presentation on ‘Light up with Renewable Energy,’ stated that a significant problem for humanity and Nigeria is that we are still largely dependent on fossils to supply most of our energy needs. Adding that earth minerals, metals, ores, and fossil fuels are all considered non-renewable resources. She pointed out that in Nigeria, water, forests, plants, and animals are all renewable resources as long as they are adequately conserved. She said the shorelines in Nigeria can power up the nation.

Other speakers at the event include Dr. Renuka Thakore, Founder, Global Sustainable Futures, UK; Mrs. Adeola  Durodola, Executive Director, United Way Greater Nigeria; Dr. Jemba Senkole, UN Youth Fellow, Uganda; Ms. Sylvia-Mai Akpan, UNESCO Project Coordinator, CU Alumni; Mr. Jacob Ugbodaga, Founder, Alabaster Box; Mr. Ifeoluwa Olawale, BIC Farm Concepts; Ms. Nissi Chukwu, CU Alumni, Mrs. Goodness Dan-Okoro, CU Alumni & Founder Creative Fingers Art Nexus; Mr. Olajide Babarinde; Mr. Kehinde Folorunsho, Soiless Farm Lab; Mrs. Vijayeta Malla, Canada; Dr. Ayotunde  Etchie, Department of Chemistry, Covenant University and Mr. Segun Ayanbisi, Department of Physics, Covenant University



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