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Professional Sensitizes Students on Essential Skills for Excellence in the Construction Industry

The Department of Building Technology, Covenant University, recently held a Town and Gown seminar featuring a Guest Speaker, Engineer Kikelomo Oretade, who has had a thriving career, spanning over 25 years, with extensive experience in the construction, oil and gas, ICT, and FMCG industries. She also worked as a dynamic and versatile construction engineer, project manager, and high-rise construction specialist.

During her presentation, on the topic, ‘Essential Skills Every Student Needs for Excellence in the Construction Industry,’ Engineer Oretade emphasized that engineering is fundamentally about problem-solving, and provided detailed insights into the skills required for excellence in the industry.

She decried the widespread disregard for excellence and professionalism in the construction industry, leading to many shoddy job deliveries which have sometimes led to bodily harm due to the collapse of such structures.

She highlighted the importance of acquiring diverse sets of skills beyond technical knowledge, mentioning the critical skills required for success in the dynamic and collaborative environment of the construction industry. These she said, include adaptability, creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and technology. These skills, according to her, are essential for navigating the challenges and complexities of the construction sector.

During the session, Engineer Oretade, inquired about the students who had completed their Industrial Training (IT), prompting several students to indicate that they had. Following this, she asked them to explain their understanding of Industrial Training, to which a number of them responded impressively.

She further explained that Industrial Training is very important and that it must be utilized. She explained that it can help them discover their career focus as engineers.

She emphasized the importance of learning from artisans during their training, as this experience would enable them to gain practical skills and the ability to detect and correct mistakes easily, ultimately shaping them into seasoned engineers.

Oretade emphasized the importance of teamwork over competition within their team. She provided an acronym for ‘team’ -  Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM). In addition, she stressed the necessity of learning how to use new equipment.

During the session, she advised women engineers to excel in their careers, to continuously learn, maintain high standards, and demonstrate proficiency in tasks normally performed by artisans. She emphasized that with these qualities, they would earn respect in their field.

She emphasized the importance of humility for new engineers, suggesting that greeting and showing respect to artisans would make them more receptive to ideas. If an artisan refuses to accept correction after these steps, she advised reporting the matter to a superior.

In his opening remarks, the Head of the Department, Dr. Ignatius Omuh, expressed his hope that the students would overcome any fears about their pursuits in the department and understand the potential of the field of Building, as it relates to their future endeavours. He emphasized the importance of experience, noting that regardless of one's wisdom or age, practical experience is essential.

Also at the event were other senior members of faculty and staff of the Department.



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