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Develop Sense of Responsibility, Chancellor Charges Students

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr David O. Oyedepo, has admonished students of the university to develop a sense of responsibility over their time, stating that time is an asset of inestimable value.

He made this call while giving his charge at the Closing Assembly of the Alpha Semester of the institution on Thursday, April 29, 2021. The Chancellor, who made reference to the scriptures in Ephesians 5:14-16, emphasised the need for the students to engage a sense of responsibility to manage their time well as they proceeded home for the short holidays.

To buttress his charge on the value of time, Dr Oyedepo stated that time was an asset of equality because everybody had the same 24 hours in a day. Still, opportunity demands the cost of time to maximize it.

He stated: “Next to salvation, time is the greatest asset of every living being. I invested time, precisely two years, to develop the core values of Covenant University.”

He advised the students to make the holiday period a time to develop themselves, read books, get into fasting, and pray in order to give their time value, thereby giving themselves a bearing.

The Chancellor expantiated: “Don’t squander the holiday period and don’t loiter about. If you manage your time well, you will impact your world better. If you truly desire a great future, learn how to invest your time. Your destiny is too precious for you to become a street urchin. Be a smart time investor.

“Opportunities come with a cost and are great assets of destiny, (Luke 10:24). How many destinies today are seeing and hearing what we heard in our own time? Many have opportunities but have simply trashed them, while some see opportunities around them and seize them (1 Samuel 22:2; 2 Samuel 23:8; 2 Kings 4:11-20).

“There’s no star in any field of life endeavours without a scar, and the scar of every star is sacrifice. God is a God of times and seasons, and you can’t be a teenager twice. Wake up.”

He encouraged the students to find ways to develop themselves while on holiday, stating that they could engage in apprenticeship for the vision they had for their lives. He said that no vision ever changed people without a drive as every vision must be driven in order to succeed.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, congratulated the students of the University, the Faculty, and Staff for the successful completion of the Alpha Semester examinations.

He advised the students to stay sober, disciplined, and committed to the values they were taught at the University while at home. He prayed for a safe and pleasant holiday period for everyone.

In his remarks, the Registrar, Dr Oluwasegun P. Omidiora, thanked God for the successful completion of the Alpha Semester and appreciated the members of Management and Staff for their conscientious efforts to see the process through efficiently.

Also at the event were other members of the University Management.


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