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Chancellor Charges Staff, Students on the Importance of Spirituality in Maximising the Benefits of Christmas

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents of Covenant University, Dr David O. Oyedepo, has advised the University's students, faculty, and staff to maintain their connection with God and engage in fellowship and study God's word to give value and fully appreciate the true essence and significance of Christmas.

Dr Oyedepo made the call during the Departure Service for students as they proceed on mid-semester break to celebrate Christmas. Speaking on the theme 'The Significance of the Coming of Christ to the World', he said Jesus was sent to the world to restore the kingdom of God to humanity, especially to those who are saved by redemption.

According to him, the birth of Christ was designed to restore man to the garden of abundance, where the redeemed will have things as they want them. He noted that the coming of Christ was to make believers experience the reality of heaven on earth, where God's kingdom will be essentially experienced by those that have been saved.

In addition, Dr Oyedepo told the gathering that the gift of Christ to mankind was to bring and communicate the good news of great joy to the world, bringing back peace to a chaotic world, and ensure that the redeemed begin to live a life that was void of fear and dismay.

"The coming of Christ was about restoring God's goodwill to all men, as much as they embrace the free gift of salvation as procured by repentance and acceptance of Jesus," he added.

Dr Oyedepo, however, noted that to tap into the inherent benefit of the coming of Jesus to the world, one must be born again and remain so, be spiritually minded and lead a sanctified lifestyle. He said there was also a need to be committed to a life of spirituality, not turning back irrespective of side comments and distractions.

The Chancellor said the provision of God's kingdom for His people is real only to those who subscribe to the dictates of holiness, godliness, and the fear of the Lord as a lifestyle, which is profitable to all situations. "Your spirituality is your covering and posterity, so remain connected to God and His word because spiritual vacation is a risk," he posited.

Dr Oyedepo cautioned the students and members of staff against becoming casual about their walk at this crucial time of the year. "Engage God, get involved in your local church and fellowship, and create the right atmosphere for devotion and searching of scriptures in your family, and most importantly, keep obeying God in all He asks you to do," he concluded.

Earlier in the assembly, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, had reeled out some good news of the feat attained by the University and individual awards by students and staff members.

The students are expected to return to campus between January 8 and 9, 2022.


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