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Use the Knowledge of Physics to Rule Your World - Expert

Infographic expert and CEO, Gamut Technologies, Mr. Michael Gbenga Igunnu, has re-echoed the importance of Physics in the production of the best technologies we see around the world.

He gave this insight while making his presentation as a guest speaker at the 1st Town and Gown Interaction event hosted by the Physics Department on Friday, 20th of January, 2022.

The infographic expert stated, “In all the great machines and technology products, there is an element of a principle of physics involved; even the use of the simple grinding stone which our parents used in grinding pepper, the principle of friction is involved.”

Citing the example of the Maglev Train unleashed into the world by China, the principles of Physics such as Electromotive force, and so on, are involved; in the Monorail in Egypt, he said, some principles of physics are also used, as well as in the building of many mechanical and electrical works which are all done using one or more of Physics laws.

According to him, the world of physics offers students myriad of opportunities to bring more innovations; as such, all the budding students of physics need to do, is to be focused on their studies in order to create innovations that will enable them to rule the world as Michael Faraday and Isaac Newton did in their days.

He stated that innovative use of physics is responsible for the improvements in the Communication Industry where we see the Radio and broadcast spectrum involved; not only that, the Computer communications and optical communications field are also areas where the correct application of physics as a subject has helped out a lot.

He concluded that there is a high demand for physics graduates now in the technology industry, so students should be involved in research and study hard to prove themselves worthy physicists and industrialists of the future.

In her remarks, the Head of Department of Physics, Professor Mojisola Usikalu, pointed out, “This generation belongs to those who are creative, hence, the students should be determined to ride on the wings of physics in order to bring solutions to the myriad of challenges bedeviling our society and make great names for themselves.”

She thanked the University Management for giving the students the opportunity to learn from the actors in the industry, which will help them prepare for the world of work.

Also at the event were other Senior Faculty and Staff of the Department.


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