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Social Advocate Enjoins Youths to Develop Interest in Governance

A Social Advocate, Miss Davina Ezenagu has posited that youths must develop interest in governance at all levels in other to simulate ways to positively affect their communities, and eschew nonchalance in relation to electoral matters and youth participation in politics.

She made this statement at a recent Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Economics, Covenant University, Ota, where she was a Guest Speaker, and delivered a presentation titled, ‘Good Governance: A Pedestal to Nigeria’s Sustainable Development – Unlocking the Role of the Youth in its Enforcement.’

Ezenagu, who is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Day Vine Company, a stakeholder in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry, an organisation that inspires youths through skill acquisition, participation in governance and job creation, explained that youth involvement in the development of Nigeria would require participation, initiatives and doggedness to be effective.

She pointed out some of the issues bedevilling Nigeria as a nation which include: high rate of unemployment, lack of basic infrastructure, high level of poverty, high rate of corruption, lack of direction in governance, child labour such as child hawkers; domestic violence, and child molestation/abuse.

According to her, Nigeria is in dire need of economic growth, improved living standards, an increase in educational standards, i.e. literacy rate, progressive change in the socio-economic structure of the nation, improved health care, increased infrastructure, and creation of goods and services for export, etc.

She stated that there is a need for self-examination for any youth to be truly invested in any kind of change in the nation. She added, “to consider one’s role in changing the society, there must be a cause you are supporting, have an understanding of the national pledge and your declaration of commitment through the national anthem of the nation. You must also be uncomfortable with the varying levels of inequality in the nation.”

In his remarks at the event, the Head of Department, Economics, Professor Evans Osabuohien, appreciated God for His faithfulness and awesomeness in helping the Department host the first Town and Gown Seminar for 2022, which happens to be a collaboration between the Department of Economics and Development Studies, and Covenant University’s Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR), a vibrant centre for national and international discourse.

“Permit me to refresh our minds that the Town and Gown Seminar provides a veritable platform to interface between the World of Works (Town) and the Academia (Gown). These relate closely with the mission of CEPDeR, which is ‘Linking Research to Policy and Practice,” he said.  

Professor Osabuohien, expressed his excitement to have a Guest Speaker who is also a 2017 Graduate of the Department and has practical, social and intellectual prowess, as evident in her profile. He explained that the Department is intentional about focusing on its graduates as Speakers for its Town and Gown Series.

 A wise man once said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Thus, I am delighted to inform us that we will have a stimulating session. I request that we fully engage by asking key questions and making valid comments accordingly. This will create the opportunity for networking and keep the conversation going,” he opined

Others at the event include Senior members of faculty and staff of the Department.


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