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CU Alumnus Motivates Students with Personal Career Journey

An alumnus of Covenant University, Mr. Damilare Akinyera, has posited that a person’s network is their net worth; this, he said, is because a person’s network is a representation of them.

He made the above statement during his presentation titled, "Sociology, Web-Design, Digital Marketing: My Journey and Experience Thus Far," at a recent Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Sociology, where he was the Guest Speaker.

Mr. Akinyera noted that the problem with today’s youth is having a mindset that is fixated on comfort zones instead of being open to exploring unfamiliar paths in career development, leveraging on networks and connections made along life’s path.

He explained that he was very daring in his decision to move from Sociology to Tech, specifically, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Product Design and Innovation. He pointed out that it was all gibberish initially, but became fun as he became consistent in learning. 

During his presentation, Mr. Akinyera, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of an Edtech company called Qhub, advised the students to learn to ask questions if they want to make meaningful advancements and discoveries.

According to him, curiosity is the name of the game, and no one gets answers without asking questions. Quoting Albert Einstein, he said, ‘I don't have any special talent, I am just passionately curious." You don't know the extent of your strength until you test it. Always Ask, ‘Why?’—he opined

He explained that problem solving is the key to success in business or any innovation. You cannot succeed until you begin to think beyond yourself. "Money making should not come first, problem solving should be first," he said. "Once you begin to solve problems, you will inevitably begin to make money."

"That simply means that one must think community, think country, think continent, think generations in order to be a true success." "Opportunity isn't an event or a particular day; every day is an opportunity. Be intentional about every day," he added.

In conclusion, he pointed out that people are only limited by the size of their imagination; and that the proof of power is in the appliance; and ‘No’ is never a complete sentence, so ‘Always ask,' why?’

Earlier, in her opening remarks, the Head of Department, Sociology, Dr. Tayo George, welcomed the Guest Speaker, expressing her excitement at having an Eagle who is already making a great impact as an Entrepreneur as a Speaker of the day. She appreciated the University Management for providing the Town and Gown platform, which has been having an unprecedented impact on the capacity development of students since its inception.

Dr. George, enjoined the students to pay attention to the days’ lectures as they promised to deliver nuggets which would be of immense benefit to their journey to carve out a niche for themselves in the area of their interest after graduation. She also thanked the members of the Department for their support to ensure the success of the day’s event.

Also at the event were other senior members of the faculty and staff of the Department.

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