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CU Commences 2022 TTG Classes

The Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has advised final year students of the University, for the 2021/2022 academic session, to pay attention to the lectures packaged for them in the scheduled teachings on "Towards a Total Graduate" (TTG), as the teachings on life’s processes and procedures will equip them towards impactful living on graduation.

He gave this admonition during the opening session of the TTG Programme anchored by the University’s African Leadership Development Centre (ALDC), where he pointed out the known fact that most people get out of school without having a bearing for living, hence, the programme is designed to equip the University’s graduating students with diverse and relevant information required, to make the most of their adventure in life.

The luminary explained that TTG is the crowning programme of the evolving learning culture at Covenant University for her graduating class, and Covenant University intentionally prepares her would-be graduates for the World of work and life after university.

According to the Chancellor, TTG is hinged on the University’s concept of "Life-matics" as espoused in her founding philosophy, which is about learning the mathematics of living as well as the process of solving the complex equations of life; living a calculated life, defining the constants and noting the diverse variables.

He added that the course would not only empower each student to learn to solve problems, but also to learn to be relevant and make an impact on the world around them; be an asset and not a liability; be a value-adding citizen on the earth and learn to live, to lead and to generally make the most of life.

The Chancellor described TTG as a customized life-coaching, compulsory programme, specially designed to expose graduating students to pathways to a life of meaning, fulfilment, and out-of-this-world order of accomplishments. The content of this programme, he said, focuses on areas such as Vision Analysis, Planning, Programming and Pursuit, Christian Work Ethics and Principles of Integrity.

Others, he said, are Financial Empowerment Processes, marriage and Family, Healing, Health and Wholeness, Work-Life Balance, Mentorship and Role Modeling.

He noted that due to the impact of the TTG programme, Covenant University graduates are distinguished in all their endeavours after school. "For instance, as of today, Covenant University has been found to produce the most employable graduates in Nigeria," he stated.

The Chancellor explained that TTG is a unique approach to ensuring that Covenant University graduates are people of character, skill, and impact in their various pursuits.

In conclusion, he stated that the course, which is integrated into the university's holistic and life-applicable curriculum, is designed to specially package the students and deliver them to their world upon graduation as agents of change, ready to take charge of their environment and break the barriers of limitations confronting our nation and continent at large.


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