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Come and See the Works of God - Dr. David Oyedepo

The Chancellor of Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, declared a weeklong High Praise Thanksgiving event in the Covenant University Community, following the University’s 20th Founder’s Day Anniversary, with the theme, ‘Come and see the works of God.’   

The event which commenced on Monday, October 17, 2022, had the entire University Community agog with praises, worship and diverse testimonies of God’s awesome works in the lives of members of Staff and Faculty.      

While declaring the event open, Dr. Oyedepo, stated that the vision that built Covenant University came to him in a hotel room in the United Kingdom, after the Ministry got the C of O of the property, part of which, is where the institution is currently situated.

He explained that he inquired from God, to ascertain what God would want to use the property for and God showed him three portions of the property, one being Shiloh, the place of God’s appearance where the church is situated now. The second, he said, was named Hebron, the place for the birth of kings, where the University is currently situated, and God called it, His University, followed by the Secondary School portion, which was called Moriah; this encounter, was the first signal that led to the birth of Covenant University.  

Giving further insight on how the University started, he appreciated God for His Mighty works in the University, stating that God is awesome, while recalling how God delivered the masterplan of the University in just one encounter.   

The Chancellor, pointed out that on February 12, 2002 the operating license for the University was received and God confirmed it supernaturally with an encounter the same day. The building project, he said, commenced on the 6th of March, 2002 to the glory of God, the Master Builder; while on the 21st of October, same year, 1,500 students were admitted to the glory of God.

He noted that the most amazing part of the testimony is the level of speed with which the buildings were completed in such a limited time frame. “I have never seen or heard that before. The first College Building was completed, Cafeteria, Road, Drainage all in 7 months, without borrowing, without overdraft from any bank, without privately calling any member of the church for money. This is God, this is not man. We owe him dance and praise. Everything has been working because God has been at work.”

The Chancellor, while appreciating the works of God, explained that in 20 years, power has never ceased in the University. “If they charge you students for the power you consume, you will run. We have never struggled to get faculty and staff, we have never struggled over student enrolment, no advert anywhere. The profile of this institution since inception has been rising to the glory of God.”

“In 2021, 5, out of the top 10 that wrote Jamb, selected Covenant University as their First Choice and the Best Students in Jamb selected Covenant University as their first choice. Awards, recognitions and rankings keep pouring in. It is in his hand to make great for by strength shall no man prevail. Celebrating God makes celebrities. May our thanksgiving be acceptable!”

“He is the source of all things that have meaning. Your respect for God will earn your future and your disregard for him will destroy your future. I know a bit of that by grace. My prayer is that this thanksgiving will become your lifestyle after this week. If you cannot see what God has done, you will stop him from doing anything more.  Not all that have eyes, see. We have come to say that we have seen the works of God in the midst of ordinary people. For everything that must increase, God must be openly acknowledged,” he asserted.    

The Chancellor concluded by stating that thanksgiving as a lifestyle will put believers in command of the supernatural, naturally, and decorate anyone who makes it a lifestyle; while complaining and murmuring will mess anyone up and complicate their matter. 

According to the great icon, Dr. David Oyedepo, when one genuinely gives thanks, the individual becomes a noiseless mountain mover and makes accomplishments that others cannot even imagine, because of the backing of God. That, he said, has been the experience of Covenant University till date.  



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