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Pastor Ogah Harps on the Significance of Visionary Living

The importance of living a life of vision with a clear understanding of what God has wired each one to accomplish was the thrust of a session at the ongoing ‘Towards a Total Graduate’ programme for the graduating class of 2023.

Pastor Steve Ogah, while defining vision, said vision is the discovery of God’s plan and purpose for the life of a believer, that is, the faculty or state of being able to see, think about, or plan the future with imagination or wisdom in line with God’s plan and purpose for man.

Pastor Ogah, speaking on the theme ‘Vision Analysis, said believers needed to have a clear understanding through careful examination of God’s plan and purpose for their individual lives to understand it better and systematically fulfill it.

According to him, vision cannot be downplayed if one must lead a life of impact and fulfillment, as it is germane to attaining life’s purpose and objectives. Pastor Ogah, a pioneer graduate of Covenant, said the relevance of a visionary lifestyle is that it helps eliminate confusion, provides focus, fuels confidence, leads to fulfillment, and provides protection in the journey of life.

He went further to identify ambition, impression, imagination, situation, reaction, confirmation, association, and natural endowment as some attributes that many have erroneously associated with vision. In his words, the essential elements of vision are that it is divine, progressive, plain, backed up with zeal, and speaks loudly."

He advised the graduating students to maintain a life of sanctification, separate themselves for God’s purpose, seek God’s face in the place of prayer, evolve a lifestyle of praise, constantly approach God in faith, be sensitive in the spirit, and above all, be persistent to secure divine vision.

Pastor Ogah said every divine vision is accompanied by supernatural peace, joy, favour, breakthrough, and strength, while each component of any God-given vision must come with a specific assignment God has purposed, which defines the coverage of the assignment, the instrument with which to fulfill the task, and the time to take off.

He concluded by opining that the place of planning in the execution of any visionary pursuit cannot be overemphasised, as it is vital to spend time thinking about the pursuit of the task, study the example of others, consult with counsellors in the pursuit of the task, engage the Holy Spirit in the planning process, and continue to review those plans based on emerging new facts.



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