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EXECUTIVE ADVANCE: Chancellor Charges Faculty and Staff on Gateway to Intellectual Prowess

Ahead of the 2023/2024 academic session, the Chancellor, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has urged the faculty and staff of the institution to enhance their intellectual prowess. The Chancellor gave an in-depth account of the power of having prowess. He said that prowess is a “superior skill you can learn by studying, practicing, and observing. He added that it is exceptional valour or bravery.”

He further explained that being a genius is an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work in science, art, music, etc., adding that a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of an unprecedented leap of insight.

During the teaching, he amplified that to achieve all things, including intellectual, technical, scientific, economic, and political things, as faculty and staff, the need to build a robust spirit is important. He stressed that a robust spirit in context means a healthy, buoyant, and spiritually alive spirit, giving an example from the scriptures that a robust spirit is the seat of man’s dominion (Gen. 1:26-28). He added that the more robust a man’s spirit, the greater command he gains over the affairs of life.

The chancellor concluded that a robust spirit cannot be wished for; it has to be built, and the more robust a man’s spirit is, the greater depth he gains and the more robust his intellect.

In the same vein, the Director of the Academic Planning Unit (DAPU), Prof. A. P. Aizebeokhai, gave an insightful presentation on Understanding the New Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards (CCMAS). Prof. Aizebeokhai said that the fundamental goals of university education are to: produce high- quality and excellent graduates; create and advance the frontier of knowledge; develop standards for judging the merit of ideals; and advance civilization.

He added that the quality of graduates produced by a university is its main distinguishing element. He said that within the input, process, and output domains, quality is influenced by a number of factors. Maintaining that the curriculum is a major element in the input and process domains.

Other principal officers who spoke at the meeting were Director, Financial Services Pastor Oluwole Bolujoko (prudential budgetary system: the Covenant University approach), Prof. Olufunke O. Oladipupo (Impact of Generative AI in Teaching and Learning at Covenant University), and Director, African Leadership Development Centre, Dr. Lanre Amodu (Packaging and Launching CU's Leadership Philosophy as a Global Trendsetter in Leadership Education).

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