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Covenant University Economics Students Charged to Embrace AI When Choosing a Career Path

The Department of Economics kicks off its academic town and gown seminar in the Alpha semester with an in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in addition to their career path. The seminar, titled “Charting a Career Path in an Artificial Intelligence-Driven World,” was presented by an eagle, Mr. Oluwaseun Okikiola, a Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Business Developer.

He explained that a job isn’t always a career, and a career is an occupation or profession to which a person devotes a significant portion of his life. He highlighted that he isn’t an artificial intelligence developer; he is just a global citizen who is passionate about the prospects of AI, its contribution to humanity, and its ethical usage. He enlightened the students on the advantages of studying economics. He mentioned that they have an ease of fitting into different business fields because economics is at the core of various fields and of everyday life. “Your exposure as an economist gives you a bit of the fundamentals of several other disciplines within the business world. This helps you easily fit into other fields like HR, Finance, Marketing, Administration, and so on.” He posited.

He highlighted some influential factors that they should take note of when choosing a career path. He stated that education, your gifting and calling, the evolution of your career, and finally, circumstances are the major factors to consider when going down a career path. He advised students to keep an open mind and to focus more on how to stand out in whatever career path they find themselves on.

“Rather than getting fixated on a career path to pursue now, focus on acquiring the knowledge and skills you require to stand out and be excellent, irrespective of the area you find yourself.” Mr. Okikiola advised. He averred that expertise and skill development, strong work ethics, effective communication, adaptability, networking, and leadership skills, amongst others, are traits that could make them stand out in their career path. He revealed that the most important trait needed to stand out is adaptability to the market, industry changes, and technology, which will keep relevance in any career path. He elucidated that artificial intelligence is the one thing that is needed to chart a successful path for themselves in the next few decades.

“Just like computers invaded the workplace in the 1990s and changed the way people work, AI is now gradually invading the workplace,” he revealed. He enlightened students that the growth in generative AI, the democratization of AI, and workplace AI are all current trends in the world of AI. He encouraged students to embrace reality and the fact that AI is here; it's here to stay, and either it rides on it or sinks in it. He invigorated them to be AI-savvy, use AI ethically, and preach AI rather than fight it.

He concluded by reiterating that the future of work with AI is not a competition between humans and machines; it's a collaboration between the two to achieve new heights of productivity and creativity. Failure to embrace this collaboration will leave you behind.







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