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Develop, Sustain a Contributor’s Mentality for a Colourful Destiny – Dr Oyedepo

Covenant University’s graduating class of 2021 has been tasked with evolving a contributor’s mentality if they desire to make the most of their endeavour as they transition into the world of work.

The Chancellor, Dr David O. Oyedepo, gave the charge, on Friday, October 22, 2021, at the 16th Convocation Ceremony of the University, tagged ‘The Release of Eagles 2021,’ when he addressed the gathering. According to him, every one of the Class of 2021 must endeavour to possess and sustain a contributor’s mentality, as that is vital to maximising destiny because no one will ever be remembered for what they have, but what they add towards making life meaningful for others.

Dr Oyedepo said approaching life with a contributor’s mentality is key to enabling the graduands to make the most of life in a world that is now consumer-driven, adding that only contributor makes great marks in life. According to him, “Our dignity lies in our contributions and not in our possession. Nobody lacks what he gives, people only lack what they keep, and commitment to a life of contribution is what makes men and women of exploit,” he added.

He counselled alumni to understand that they live in a visionary’s world and that what matters is not what one wants to become but what task to undertake, the contributions one is out to make, the value one is set to add and the solution one is set to provide.

The Chancellor posited that the commitment to one’s assignment engenders enthronement in one’s calling, and it is in service to humanity that sets the pace for enthronement. “Stop thinking self; think solution, contribution, value addition, think the wellbeing of others, job creation, think of the coming generation, think kingdom advancement and eternity,” he added.

Dr Oyedepo charged the graduands always to take responsibility when it comes to addressing the plethora of challenges bedevilling mankind, while at the same time proffering solutions to those problems. “Remember, our platform is envisioned to raise an army of a new generation of leaders, pacesetters, pathfinders and trailblazers, an army of reformers, on a mission to repair the wastes cities and the desolation of many generations. Therefore, brace up and begin to think solution. Go and add value to your world,” he averred.

The Pro-Chancellor, Bishop David Abioye, said the 2021 convocation ceremony was unique for two reasons. It is a time to reflect with a grateful heart to God for the advancement of the university over the past 19 years, without a better last year, with validations from international and local ranking bodies. Also, he said the occasion was also a period to rededicate the drive towards the attainment of the short term vision of the university.

Bishop Abioye commended the feat and impact of graduates of the university in their various fields of endeavour as it relates to the founding vision of the university, ‘raising a new generation of leaders’

“You have laboured diligently to earn your various degrees and about to part with the prestigious certificate of this University, having gone through the crucibles of learning and impartation of diverse gifts and virtues, orchestrated to make you stand out among your peers in this competitive world,” he stated.

Bishop Abioye said beyond the academic laurels, which are vital requirements for securing diverse opportunities such as job placement and other pursuits in life, the graduands should also depart from Covenant as branded products of the core values that run through the veins of the institution, especially as it pertains to discipline. “When discipline is ignored, destiny is headed for the grave, and where liberty is without limit, it will certainly lead to destruction without end,” he added.

He tasked the graduates to upscale school discipline to self-discipline, especially when coming from an institution like Covenant where a high premium is placed on discipline; where you are not permitted to do what you like, but what is right. He noted with sadness that the agitation of many youths is freedom without boundaries.

In his address to the gathering, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, said leadership had been a long-standing challenge to the development of Africa, and it must be addressed to deliver the continent from its current developmental and transformative challenges.

Professor Adebayo said Covenant University is on a mission to create the kind of knowledge that would restore the dignity of the black man through a human development and Total Man concept-driven curriculum.

He said the leadership of the university, in line with the visionary mandate of the institution, has since the last academic session deployed the necessary pedagogy and unique curriculum to produce the ‘total-man graduate’ that are expert thinkers, leaders and managers, and hyper-resourceful technocrats in all fields of human endeavour.

“In recognition of Covenant’s unique brand in the global university system, she has consistently received recognitions and awards from reputable rating institutions across the world,” he added.

While congratulating the graduating class, parents, guardians and relatives for the milestone, Professor Adebayo reminded them that though the myriads of challenges currently witnessed in our country might appear daunting, they should provide them with the necessary motivation and incentive to make a difference. “Let the difficulties be turned to opportunities to succeed and excel,” he added.

The graduating class of 2021 included 72 PhDs, 209 Masters Degrees and 1,400 Undergraduate Degrees, with 216 in the 1st class category. The best graduating student, Asaka Ewerechukwu Favour of the Department of Computer Science, became the second student in the university’s history to net a perfect Cumulative Grade Point Average of 5.00.






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