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Chancellor advises Graduands to take Responsibility to become Highflyers

The Chancellor and Chairman Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David Oyedepo, has advised the newly released Eagles of the 2020/2021 Session to take responsibility and obey instructions in order to become highflyers.

He made it clear to the fresh graduates that they would have lost access to their high places if they ever pushed God aside, stating that godliness decorates destiny in the now and secures eternity in a grand style. “Don’t ever leave spirituality off your agenda; it is the way out, it is the way forward, it is the way upward. Spirituality is the way to anywhere you are going,” he stated

The Chancellor explained that every child of God is redeemed a star; you have a star DNA in your system, which came through redemption. He stated that every child of God is redeemed an Eagle, but most believers are wandering Eagles today. “If you would not obey instructions, don’t expect to be listed amongst the highflyers. Highflyers are addicted to instruction. The quality of your life is a function of how dedicated you are to God’s instructions. Take responsibility for your life by connecting to the truth that guarantees triumph.”

“Nigeria would work; be a part of those that would make it work. Believe in God, so you don’t regret the multi-faceted grace available on this ground. Refuse to be led by circumstances; let God lead you. You can’t struggle for survival when you are led by God. Allow those who would laugh at you today to laugh at you; you are going somewhere,” he advised

Dr. Oyedepo urged the new graduates to beware because we live in a world of hurry; most people in the world, particularly amongst the youth, suffer adverse horror today than any other time in history because of the trap of hurry. Hurry, he said, is the breeding ground for horror; the process may be slow, but it should be dignifying. Follow the process; don’t join the army of “horrified” people.

“Don’t go ahead of God; keep pace with God, or you lose your peace. Taking responsibility would secure your destiny; walking with God would secure your tomorrow,” the Chancellor further admonished.

In his remarks at the event, the Pro-Chancellor, Bishop David Abioye, congratulated the newly graduated Eagles, stating that one of the foremost symbols of an Eagle is strength and character; and interestingly, the character is the least emphasized. Strength brings you into popularity, he said, strength for display attracts applause, but the character is for defence and sustenance.

According to the Pro-Chancellor, lack of character is like a little pinhole on a ship; it’s all a matter of time, and the ship would soon drown. “When character is not given in addition to strength; strength is at risk. Strength without character is a risk. Character absence would invite strength destruction. It takes strength to go up but character to stay up. Strength is for display; character is for defence, he added

He further stated, “character is your identity, character is honour; character is dignity. Your strength is what men see, your reputation is what men see, but your character is what God sees.”

Earlier in his opening remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun Adebayo, expressed his excitement at the newly graduated Eagles. He admonished them never to bring shame to Covenant University; rather, to keep carrying the flag of Covenant University higher and higher. “You have been called an Eagle; let it be exemplified in your daily activities,” he opined.

Also at the event were the University Secretary, Pastor Adedeji Owojaiye; the Registrar, Dr. Oluwasegun Omidiora; the Chaplain, Pastor Victor Hill; and other members of the Covenant University Management.


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