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Expert Enlightens Students on Digital Marketing Strategies

A Digital Marketing Guru, Mr. Gbenga Victor Jolaoso, has posited that Digital Marketing Management is anchored on Building a Brand’s Online Identity, Content Development and Strategy, Engagement Strategy, Visual Design Strategy, and the Ability to Measure and Analyse to Establish Return on Investment (ROI).

He made this assertion during his presentation titled, "Digital Marketing," at a recent Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Business Management in the College of Management and Social Sciences at Covenant University, where he was a Guest Speaker.

Mr. Jolaoso, who is the Head of Marketing at Nigerite Limited, Lagos, pointed out that the main challenge of Marketing is the lack of brand identity, stating that the establishment of a brand identity is the foundation for the creation of a successful Marketing Strategy.  

He further explained that this can be done by developing a brand personality (traits) and story; professionally showing what the company wants; what its brand stands for; and speaking of its core values and beliefs. This, he said, will be achieved by the quality and theme of the content that will be published online and also by the swiftness in response to enquiries and complaints.

According to Mr. Jolaoso, Content Development Strategy comprises how to administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content; create a regular publishing schedule; and leverage the right tools (Hootsuite) to manage a brand’s content. This, he said, would also involve how to implement a content editorial calendar to manage content, plan specific marketing campaigns and promote content through social advertising.

He spoke about the intricacies of Engagement Strategy as one that enables a brand to listen, respond, ask questions, and engage the audience. However, he said, there must be careful consideration of how brands respond to organic (non-paid) leads that appear in the comment section of their posts.

People will ask questions and sometimes want to engage in a sale. We can answer it and follow it up with a question back to engage them further, eventually guiding them to contact a distributor or download the mobile app.

Leverage Facebook ads to promote the content and increase its audience reach. As the pages grow and the content is seen more often in Newsfeeds, we’ll find it easier to engage fans and build those relationships," he added.

He mentioned that Social media is now pay-to-play; therefore, the best way brands can grow their social media pages is to utilize ads. A budget with carefully selected images and ad copy with a clear call-to-action will increase likes and improve engagement. That way, any brand can grow their fan base and promote their content.

In order to Measure and Analyse to establish ROI, a brand will need to determine the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that matter most to them, which can be any or all of the following: audience growth, audience profile, audience engagement, content reach, engagement by content type, response rate and quality, negative feedback, and monthly reporting.

Earlier, in her opening remarks, the Head, Department of Business Management, Professor Anthonia Adenike Adeniji, appreciated the Management of the University for setting up the Town and Gown platform where industry has been able to pass practical experience to the students, thereby preparing them for the world of work.

She thanked the Guest Speaker, who she mentioned, incidentally, happens to be an Alumnus of the University; encouraging the students to pay attention to the day's lecture as it has a lot to offer them, especially as it is coming from an Eagle like them. She also thanked all members of the Department for their support in ensuring the success of the event.

Others at the event were Senior members of the faculty and staff of the Department.

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