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Final Year Undergraduate Bags Cash Award for Academic Excellence

Through a stint of fate and hard work, a final year student at Covenant University has been rewarded for exemplary display of academic competence and excellence in her final year project.

Miss Oduwole Tamilore Oyinoluwa, a final year student of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management in the College of Management and Social Sciences, has won the Professor Friday Okonofua Commendation Gift for an impressive presentation of her final year project work.

Professor Okonofua praised Miss Oduwole for her academic prowess and brilliance in her project dissertation. According to him, there is no doubt that Miss Oduwole is a first-class candidate. From her project introduction, theoretical review, data presentation, and analysis, you will see a clear work of science in her endeavour.

"I was very impressed with the young lady because she was able to defend her thesis impressively, and I told the Vice-Chancellor that if I was her external examiner, she would get a first class for that work. She was able to describe her methods, how she did it, and the results were unassailable. She was able to describe data analysis using SPSS, bivariate, and multivariate analysis, and she was knowledgeable enough to speak about the conceptual framework she chose, "he enthused.

Professor Okonofua, who came to Covenant University as the guest speaker at the 2nd Nigerian Academy of Science Lecture, gave a cash award of one hundred thousand naira (N100,000) to Miss Oduwole Tamilore Oyinoluwa for her project topic of "Effect of Psychological Capital on Employees’ Performance: A Study of the Oil and Gas Industry in Lagos State."



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