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Study Shows Economic Drivers of Voluntary Return among Conflict-Induced Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

The North-Eastern part of Nigeria, bedevilled by terrorism perpetrated by Boko Haram, is recovering from over a decade of a campaign of terror and insurgency that has witnessed the socioeconomic collapse of the region with millions of internally displaced persons.

The Nigerian government has been expressing their desire for the displaced to return home following the restoration of peace in some parts of the region. However, a large population of these individuals have registered their unwillingness to return despite the perceived gains of reintegration.

In this study, Dr. Adekola Oluwatomipe, Dr. Azuh, Dominic, and Dr. Amoo, Emmanuel of Covenant University, Professor Brownell, Gracie of Texas A&M University, and Dr. Giuseppe Cirella of the University of Gdansk, discovered a strong positive influence of having the assurance of finding employment back home on the willingness to reintegrate.

The results further suggest that displaced people are 14 times more willing to return home when the government guarantees employment. To encourage reintegration, the authors propose that displaced people be economically empowered through the provision of jobs upon their return to their various home communities.

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