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The Centre For Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS) Organizes Entrepreneurship Educators Workshop Ahead Of 2023/2024 Academic Session

The  Center For Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS) has organized an Entrepreneurship Educators Workshop for the 2023/2024 Academic session in order to strengthen and improve the entrepreneurial studies in the institution. The intensive workshop focuses on “ Towards Impactful Entrepreneurship Curriculum Delivery”,  “Managing Large Classes”, “Visualization of Entrepreneurship Education Content for Virtual Presence and SDG Ranking”, and “Quality Assurance and Standards for Vocational Training and Practical”.

According to the Chairman Of The Quality Assurance And Academic Standard Committee, Professor Olubanke Ogunlana admonished the lecturers on the importance of quality assurance for vocational training and explained that vocational training is an aspect of education that is concerned with the training and preparation of persons for specific skilled-focused education and it is the central point on which any country’s socio-economic, technological, and cultural advancement is built.

She said, “Vocational Education provides qualified manpower in applied science, technology, and commerce, it equips an individual with skills for economic independence, self-actualization, and a productive life, it equally leads to societal development and socio–economic security ”.

Professor Ogunlana posited that curriculum design and development, qualified instructors and staff, resources and facilities, student support services, internationalization, and global standards amongst others, are some mechanisms that could help the lecturers in accessing their quality.

Prof. Ogunlana highlighted that quality assurance helps to create client/stakeholder satisfaction, promote mobility, and help the recognition of qualifications. She mentioned that inadequate funding, poor staff quality and quantity, lack of facilities, and poor societal attitudes are some of the challenges that may pose a threat to the success of quality assurance in vocational training and the best way to combat some of these challenges is to ensure adequate funding, adequate staffing, and the provision of adequate facilities. She concluded by reiterating that ensuring quality assurance and standards in vocational training education is vital for the success of individual learners and the institution and for the economic development and competitiveness of regions and nations.

Also speaking in the workshop is the  Director of the African Leadership Development Centre, ( ALDC) Dr. Lanre Amodu gave an in-depth importance of large classes and the best way to utilize that population of students. He explained that such environments give the largest opportunity for influence and quality assurance can be achieved.

He admitted that the expectations of large classes never really align with reality, as students are usually not interested and can easily hide or maybe just come for attendance and aren’t really focused on the content of the lecture, thereby in turn frustrating the lecturer to a point where it becomes more of an obligation.

Dr. Lanre Amodu reminded the lecturers of their responsibilities, which are to ensure discipline and to make students understand the relevance of the course while also knowing the purpose of the course. He averred that they focus on their responsibilities when faced with exasperating situations. He advised lecturers on the best ways to ensure their classes are more effective and encourage them to use pictures, ask questions, and assign activities. He added that walking around and getting responses from short instructional videos will also help to improve the efficiency of the class.



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