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Chancellor Urges Nigerians to Unite in the Fight Against Nigeria’s Challenges

The Chancellor and Chairman Board of Regents, Covenant University, Dr. David O. Oyedepo, has urged Nigerians to unite in the fight against the challenges facing the country, noting that the battle must be fought within.

The Chancellor’s stand was in line with the recommendations proffered by the Inaugural Lecturer, Professor Oluseyi Ajayi, during the 30th Inaugural Lecture of the institution with the topic, ‘Sustainable Energy and Production Technology: Panacea for the Development We Want,’ which held on Friday, October 27, 2023, at the University Chapel.

The Chancellor, who was represented by Engr. Niyi Beecroft, said Nigeria would have to unite in confronting her challenges, noting, “We know the problems, and we must unite and come up with solutions. We have to unite our efforts to make things work.”

The Chancellor added, “Success in life is not winning somebody’s battle, success in life is winning your own battle. The battle we must win is here in Nigeria. We need to collaborate together and promote solutions.”

He cited a scriptural verse to buttress his point, noting that Daniel 1:3 epitomized the strong-will for Nigeria to fight the battle within and surmount her challenges.

While delivering his lecture, the lecturer, Professor Oluseyi Ajayi, stated that for Nigeria to attain its desired development, the policymakers have to be intentional about energy sustainability and production in the manufacturing sector of the economy. He emphasised energy sustainability and production as automatic solutions to the country’s economic challenges adding that attractive policies would make investors and Nigerians smile.

“The government must prioritise our national energy development outlook for Nigerians to experience and enjoy the development we want. It seems the more we try as a nation, the less we achieve meaningful outcome. We therefore must prioritise and be intentional in our energy sufficiency strategy,” he explained.

He disclosed that through research, discovery has been made ‘that doping the compressor oil with metallic and bio-based nanoparticles, improve the heat and mass transfer of both vapour compression refrigerators and air-conditioning systems.

“We also have found out that while most metallic nanoparticles convert the lubricants to acid fluids, the bio-based nanoparticles convert them to alkaline fluids, making them more suitable for the compressor materials,” he noted.

The don further stated, “…we have carried out various studies to classify wind power characteristics across the geo-political zones of Nigeria, both onshore and offshore. We have identified viable sites and demonstrated the techno-economic viability of the sites across Nigeria.

“The viability and econometrics analysis suggest that Nigeria can invest in generating GW wind power from offshore wind installations. However, the issue at hand lies in the type of foundation.”

He recommended that, “The government must refocus the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan of 2014 to include ways to ensure a reduction in the export of raw materials and promote their valorization. By so doing, Nigeria would have reduced unemployment rate, improved GDP growth rate, improved standard of living and higher value currency.

“Most importantly, a virile manufacturing firm depends on innovation, new product development, and process improvements.”

The don stressed, “There are indigenous solutions to our industrial product challenges. No one can solve our problems to our benefits. The manufacturing sector is therefore encouraged to trust the academia for their research needs. It is cheaper and comes with the ease of continuous product and process improvements.”


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