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CU Alumnus and Content Creator Sensitizes Students on Entrepreneurship, from the English Language to the Digital Space

 The students of the Department of Languages and General Studies have been encouraged to find relevance in their chosen courses, following an educative and expository seminar on how to move from a course of study to being an entrepreneur in the digital space.

The presentation, titled, ‘Entrepreneurship from the English Language to the Digital Space’, was made at the Town and Gown Seminar of the Department of Languages and General Studies, by Deborah Demurin, also known as ‘The Amazon Deb. Demurin,’ a graduate of Covenant University, and a content creator on YouTube.

The jinx of the usual belief that promotes anxiety and not finding fulfillment after a course of study was completely broken and has left the students greatly impacted and with a quest to build their capacity for exploits in the digital space.

In her presentation, she explained that communication has taken a shift from traditional methods like television and radio, to more digital spaces like social media, and posited the importance of moving with the times, to stay relevant, in whatever field of endeavour one may find themselves.

Demurin, while sharing her journey as a content creator, said, “I started my digital journey in 2009 on Facebook, then in 2013 I moved into blogs, by 2020 I decided to join Youtube and now in 2024, I have over 12,000 subscribers and about 2 million views.”

She emphasized that the English language plays a critical role in the digital space and it shouldn’t be overlooked. She stated that language plays a very essential role in the way information is received by people, and in the way stories are told in the digital space. She added that the English language teaches research ability, critical thinking, and analytical skills which are very important skills needed to thrive in the digital space.

Miss Deborah, highlighted that building a legacy, networking opportunities, a loyal following, and establishing yourself as an expert in a chosen field, are some of the advantages of being present in the digital space. She mentioned that from being in the digital space she has been able to learn a lot of life skills and build herself in a field of interest to her.

 She encouraged the students to be passionate about whatever content they want to present to the world and to always persevere and maintain tenacity. She also advised them not to believe they have all the time in the world, instead, to start now and from whatever level they are to build themselves up. “Building your self-esteem and developing a thick skin to be able to accept criticism plays a key role in building your brand,” She added.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the HOD  of Languages and General Studies, Dr. Samuel T. Owoeye, welcomed the Guest Speaker, and appreciated her for accepting the invitation to give back to her Alma Mater. He encouraged the participating students to endeavor to be attentive to maximize the great opportunity they have, to learn from their predecessor.

He also appr4eciiated the Management for the Town and Gown Seminar platform which has helped in providing solid ground for meaningful and impactful interactions between the academia and the industry.

Also present at the seminar were other senior members of faculty and staff of the Department.





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