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Change Your Approach, Vice-Chancellor Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo Charges Students

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, has admonished Covenant University students to take the forthcoming 2023/2024 Alpha Semester examination seriously and change their approach to preparing for their exams.

He gave this admonition while making his remarks at the Thursday Chapel Service of the institution, held on the 25th of January, 2024 at the University Chapel.

The Vice-Chancellor reminded the students of the great interest that the school, and particularly their parents, have in their results. He made it clear to them that no one is interested in their excuses for not meeting up to the level of academic performance expected of them, hence, they must succeed.

He added that, as they prepare for their examinations, they must also be prepared to change some of the strategies and approaches they have used in preparing for exams in the past which had failed them;  particularly from 200-level students and above, acknowledging the fact that the 100l students would be taking their first examination as Covenant University students.

He warned against some of the old methods some students have used, especially the act of lazing about and waiting till the day before the start of the examination before studying; stating that it is a very distractive approach and should be changed effectively.

The Vice-Chancellor further encouraged the students to engage in tutorials with their classmates, adding that they should be able to show and imbibe the humility of teaming up with others who know more, so they can learn. He tasked every student to organize a short tutorial group with their classmates, recalling that during his time as a student, topics were shared, and past questions were sourced for and shared amongst themselves for studying, and each of them would research a chosen topic to teach group members, for further learning.

Professor Abiodun H. Adebayo, stated that having been a lecturer for twenty years, he can confidently say that examination questions are always set within the areas that were taught in class and encouraged them to source for past questions. He noted that no one succeeds by accident, success does not jump on people, success is not by chance, but success is by choice.

In light of this, the Vice-Chancellor noted that some students who were already making waves as shown by the results of the last 2023 Omega semester examination where the University recorded one thousand, one hundred and fifty-seven first-class students (1,157). The breakdown showed 429 first class students in 200-level; 301 first class students in 300-level; 299 first class students in 400-level and 151 first class students in 500-level.

He concluded that every student can emerge as first class, hence the reason the infographics were used as an encouragement. He prayed that the forthcoming Alpha Semester exams would be a walkover for every student.

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