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‘You can become anything in the world when you study Economics’ - Expert

According to an expert in Economics and a distinguished alumna of Covenant University, Ms Faith Adesayo Oluwaniyi, “Economics is so versatile that you can become anything in the world when you study Economics."  

She made this statement during her enlightening presentation on the topic, ‘Building Your Future-Career Trajectories and Insights into Management Consulting,’ at the Town and Gown seminar of the Department of Economics and Development Studies, held on 2nd February 2024, at the Center for Entrepreneur and Development Studies (CEDs) multipurpose hall, where she served as the Guest Speaker.

Ms. Faith Oluwaniyi, a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), graduated with a first-class degree from the Economics and Development Studies Department of Covenant University. She shared her journey, highlighting her realization, during her service year as a lecturer, that she could better achieve her goals in advising organizations as an economist.

While making her presentation, she posed thought-provoking questions to the audience, such as, "Why are you studying Economics? Do you believe your degree will be useful to you post-graduation? What is your proposed career path after graduation?" The students responded based on their experiences in studying Economics. Ms. Oluwaniyi emphasized that one's passion should align with their career aspirations.

She discussed strategies for choosing a career path in Economics, emphasizing the importance of embracing free internships to gain valuable experience. She also advised practicing consultancy skills by offering advice to others until proficiency is achieved. Ms. Oluwaniyi emphasized the significance of referrals in the consultancy field, underscoring the need for a broad knowledge base.

Addressing questions from the audience, she commented on the relevance of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to Economics, noting it as a personal decision with potential career benefits. When asked if she had ever advised a company to close down, she affirmed, albeit tactfully, that she had, but ensured the owner understood, without causing undue harm.

Responding to a question about combining a lecturing job with management consultancy, she advised against it, due to time constraints, unless one is willing to take a break from either role.

Dr. Oluwatoyin Mathew, the Head of the Department of Economics and Development Studies, added that while combining these roles might be feasible in public schools, it is not common in private schools. She stressed the importance of self-defense classes in schools, to instill confidence and knowledge in students, urging them to apply the lessons from the Town and Gown seminars in their career decisions.

The seminar was attended by other senior faculty members and staff of the department.



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