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CLDS Collaborates with UN to Mark World Peace Day, Holds Town and Gown, Book Presentation

The College of Leadership and Development Studies has collaborated with the United Nations to mark the International Peace Day. The event, which was held at the African Leadership Development Centre of the University, doubled as the official Town and Gown Seminar of the College and also featured a book presentation segment.

In his opening remarks during the event, the Dean, College of Leadership Development Studies, Professor Charles Ogbulogo, stated that the mandate of the United Nations was to build and maintain world peace and security and to guarantee human rights while respecting the sovereignty of member nations.

He further said that research in development has increased capacity building and the ability to form perspectives, enabling people to reach their highest potential while giving focus to the inclusion of women in all issues of development.

According to him, the book "United Nations Partnership with God" is an interpretation of the interplay between the will of God for humanity and the intentional project of the United Nations to make the world sustainable; it is also a call to Eden.

He then congratulated the author and admonished everyone to embrace peace as the World celebrates a world of peace, security, progress and prosperity. 

While making her Town and Gown presentation at the event, the Guest Speaker, who is also the Author of the book, Dr. Kelicha Ochonogor, shared her research work, which included the United Nations’ Partnership with God.

She emphasised that the United Nations, as a world body, is not a religious organization and that it is not known to prefer one religion to the other among the different faiths in the world. However, she said, "The actions and programmes of the UN in their global content and relevance may well be seen as Godly in the way they align with the purpose of God in the world."

Furthermore, Dr. Ochonogor explained that the "United Nations Partnership with God" identifies the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals within the ambit of the Bible. The UN’s efforts should, therefore, be seen as neither godly nor religious, though godly, in order to elicit support for the SDGs at the individual, government, and national levels.

Dr. Ochonogor also spoke on the 2022 World Peace Day, with the theme, "End Racism, Build Peace." According to her, "If nations, governments, leaders, and individuals take their cue from the United Nations, then we should all be looking for ways to actualise the Sustainable Development Goals. When all these goals are achieved on average, not even totally, peace becomes achievable globally.

She added that the United Nations must, as a matter of necessity, target the academic community as one of the best soils to plant the good seeds of SDGs. pointing out that students are the future nation-builders of the country and can promote sustainable development in the following ways: advocating for green buildings, waste recycling, electric vehicles, use of solar panels and economic transport management.

She concluded by saying the United Nations SDGs remain a mere paper project until you and I begin to take conscious actions geared towards making this world a better place.

Also present at the event were guests from within and outside the University campus, members of the College of Leadership and Development Studies, and some Senior Officers from the University.





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